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Jerry Seinfeld had a show about nothing. Now I have a poem about nothing.
Here's my poem about nothing,
nothing at all,
no mountains so high,
nor trees so tall.
It'll be absent of sunsets, rainbows,
and birds in the sky
Just a plain piece of paper
to catch your eye.

Oh, the beauty of nothing,
it's quite the sight,
There'll be no words to read,
no wrongs to right.
Just emptiness stretching,
from left to right
My poem about nothing,
oh, what a delight!

There won't be heroes or villains,
nor tales of old,
It won't be a love story,
nor hearts made of gold.
No wisdom, no lessons,
no profound thought,
Just a whole lot of nothing,
is what I've brought.

Oh, the splendor of nothing,
it's quite the scene,
There are no colors, no shapes,
no shades of green.
Just a vast expanse,
of pure pristine,
My poem about nothing,
it's so serene!

So here's to nothing,
in all its glory,
It's not every day you hear
such a story.
A poem about nothing
ends this verse,
And remember, it could always be
a lot worse!
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