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Poetry that is capturing the mysterious allure of the lake and the deep emotions.
The unexpected movement
Of the dead silent lake
Will carve itself
On my mind.

As it lures me back
Into the pond,
For a minute, not eternal
The feelings aren't mute.

As the rotten ground
Starts to collaps,
My hazy mind
Will think about you.

A beautiful monster
An angel in the form of a glob,
No this is not mockery
For I will never call you a snub.

I will treasure every piece
Of poetry we've ever write,
Even if you feel uptight,
And started dim lights.

Leaving you would be a hassle
For I would drown in water, if not
Every droplets would vitaly
Injure me till I walk back to you.

Colliding our two fates together
No I didnt expect for this to happen,
It was purely not my intentions
To ever let you go.

Your an angel in my eyes
See your halo above your head,
Seeing your seemless hoping eyes
That burns and carves it on my skin.

My flesh would be of no use
Ever since you walk pass me, my muse
And so the night becomes day
As the seawater drowns my way.

Newly space, gripping guilt
No my love is not forbid.
Could it be that I may
Be of use for you another day
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