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or Forces of Nature, or maybe both
I have felt and seen things - things which I’ll try to explain.

There was one night, when I was waiting for dream sleep, I suddenly felt something close to me. And I knew by instinct that [it or what or who] was draining negative energy from my body. I wasn’t medicated at the time for my Schizophrenia and as such I was far more vulnerable to emotional and spiritual energy - and as such, things got a little crazy upstairs.

There was another night. I was camping with my Dad and sister and her kid. The wind blew hard and the sky was electrified. My tent started leaking - but it was ok ‘cause I had a thick blank that I pulled over my head. And …
That’s when it happened. My throat Chakra Popped. None of my chakras had kicked like that since Colorado (8/11/19 - late May 2020) (I moved back to NC; kinda the way it had to be). Instantly I was hyper alert. Then a voice spoke through me and introduced itself as “of the sky”, and told me to not be afraid:; that they’d had their eyes on me for a long time. Then it sensed I had to pee, and it said, “Perhaps wait few minutes.” … it was still thunderstorming.

Then there was an evening I was sitting at my desk, watching something on my PC, there was a thunderstorm. Then I suddenly sensed something behind me; not doing anything; just observing (I think).

I have felt - or “sensed” if you prefer - other things too; and seen much via my Ajna [and in no small part the benefits of meditation], such as the pearly white gates to heaven: and met many a deity (check out my piece “introduction” for more on that.


~ quiet the Wilder
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