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by HDC
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I may make some changes to this one. It came out okay, but not quite right.
The question's been raised.
what is right ? What is wrong?
So I gave it some thought ,I thought deep, I thought long.

I've been told it is written in a book with no lies.
That Every Way of A man is right in his eyes.

But every eye in every head only sees what it can.
It sees only one side of the mountain , Only one part of the land.

The same can be said about the thoughts that we have.

Every thought in every head only thinks what it knew.
It only thinks its thoughts from its own point of view.

So how can we know what is wrong and what is right,
with only one part of the whole in the frame of our sight?

Right and wrong are two halves of a whole.
like two sides of one coin that tortures the soul.

But peace can be found with a sharing of minds.
By working together to un-blur the lines.

.......... by the way the real answer is ..........

42... :)

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