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What if, just what if, you know that tomorrow was the day humanity faced the end?
Morning sun that is practically a blinding flashbang, chirping sounds of a canary bird trying their best to soar into the sky, the grumbling noises of a computer machine that haven't got turned off since yesterday, and the snoring of someon-
Wait a minute, who is snoring?
I reflexively turn around the rotating chair I was sitting on, just to see a girl, sleeping on my bed.
Who is that again? She have blonde-ish hair, with some blackish accent at the end, cascading beautifully down to her thighs. Hmm, who is she? Why is she in my room? All these questions filled my small mind, and without a second thought, I decided to poke her forehead.
There was no response. Despite the physical touch, her nerves didn't react.
A corpse?

I examined her body once again and, fortunately, noticed the movement of breathing. Well, whoever she is, it's none of my business. Time to continue the grind for MMO that I currently was playing almost religiously.
And once more, the game started again, even though the in-game timer already was showing 13 hours straight for this game session.
Oh, how wonderful the weekend is....and by the 14th hour, it seems I had fallen asleep in front of the computer.
Once again, I woke up on a soft bed, now illuminated by the blinding sunlight. Hastily, I closed the window curtains and went back to sleep. There was a sound, the sound of hurried footsteps approaching, but I ignored it and focused on falling back asleep.
"Sleeping again?"
A girly voice. My eyes were too tired to see who it was.
"Wake up."
"I know you can hear me, Rinka."
Rinka? That's...my name. How does she know it?
My parents are on a business trip out of country, and I'm staying alone for now.
Wait a minute, why did I wake up on the bed?

I opened my eyes, and the girl I saw sleeping this morning was now showing an annoyed expression.
Sigh "When will you fix this awful sleep schedule?"
"Even though I was sleeping next to you yesterday~"
Her expression changed, showing a glance of dissapointed face. But, now a new puzzle piece has emerged and I finally was able to complete the memory.

She is Stella, my fiancee or something, we're engaged. Doing something for more than 12 hours straight making you lose focus and forgetting something, huh?
Wait, where she going?
...She opened the curtain that I've worked really hard to close, well not really that hard but..
"Aaaaaa, It's hurts!"
"Oh come on, you aren't a vampire."
"I already make something for you to eat, just go downstairs if you feeling hungry."
"You know, you don't need to do that, right?"
"I know, but it doesn't hurt anyone."
She smiles, and leave my room.
'I don't understand her at all.' Is what my brain want me to think, even though I know full well why she do that.
I get out of my bed, wash my face, and fix this chaotic bedhair.
Downstairs, I see that Stella was reading something while sitting at the sofa.
Well, it's not my problem and I don't see the reason to disturb her. So, I simply go straight to eat the food she cooked. It was really silence, both of us doesn't make any sounds except the sounds of cutlery and pages flipped. For some reason, this silence really is comforting.
I'm done with the food, and was about to go back to my room.
Don't know what spirit possessing me, but..
"What you reading there, Stella?"
No response, she really was ignoring me.
"Thanks, your cooking is tasty."
"Just use anything you need here, if you can't find it, feel free to ask."
And I go back to my room, was about to hit the bed again, but the magic power leaking from the cubic things brought me back into it, yeah the internet lock me again.
And once again, the game started.
I already playing this for too long that I could do the efficient rotation purely by muscle memory from sound cue alone, thus allowing my thought to wander way too far.
Why did such cute girl became my fiancee again?
Ah right, it was by pure chance, or is it? I need to look deeper into the past folder data.

First Act
A Recollection of the Night

I was strolling around the city out of boredom. Some strangers sitting while sipping some coffee at a cafwas waving his hand to me, signaling me to come over, and out of curiosity I approaches him.
Some conversation happen, an agreement was made, and he gave me his business card.
Business card, huh? Where did it go after that?
Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, alright next.
Things happens, turns out He was someone my parents already know and was one time, a partner in businesses. It'll be really funny if it was pure coincidence looking back at this, he definitely know who I am for this to happen.
What was the agreement again?
Ah, right, it was to help Stella, protect her, and do whatever I can to support her, and in turns He will
also do the same for me.
He was Kaku Stiffen, some big-shot in the entertaintment business and some niche market such as technology advancement, and the front for the research of making communication network other than radio, when if by chance, the internet died, which won't happen unless something destroyed everything globally.
And the reason I was interested for this was...The story of him going to other-world when he was struck by unknown disease to the point of comatose.
Things happen, and for some reason both my parent and Kaku agree to arrange me and his daughter, Stella, to an arranged relationship.
It's been 3 months huh? Something definitely changed, but she and I simply doing this because our parent want us to, we didn't do anything even after 3 months of doing thing 'together' and live under the same roof.
*knock knock*          
Someone knocked the door? Stella?
"Just go inside, I didn't lock it"
"So? What do you need from me, Stella?"          
"I just want to see your face, that's all."
Trying to copy something from an animated story, I was tilting my head like some confused pose that
I found cute.
"You know, it's not cute at all."
"I know. So? What you need? Don't play guessing game with me, I hate it."
She approached me, step by step, pulled the rotating chair I had as backup in case this one got
broken, and sat beside me. Our eyes met, and she looks straight to my eyes.
"I don't understand, and won't do anything if you don't ask it."
"So you'll do whatever I want to do?"
"A yes, and a no. Depends on how the action will impact me."
"Hug me."
"Why? Were you feeling lonely lately?"
No answer.
Why not, I suppose? Just as I was about to hug her, something flashing, and time seemed to be stopped for a second.
No, not a second, It was still stopped.
I can't touch her, as if I was simply a hologram. I could phase through her body, phase through the walls, yet still was standing at the floor.
Just when I was trying to phase through the floor, the door for my room, for some reason sucking me towards it.
It was somewhere, yet nowhere. Something to be seen, and nothing to be seen. A flying bed, buried chair, a normal tree.. Normal?
Anyway, all of these also false, and as expected, also phase through.
Suddenly, the whole scenery changed, now it was a hallway with wall in both side and only one way to
go. For every one step I took, a wall was generated instantly behind me, and I can't phase through it.
A light on the right side, another one on left side, the light kept coming.
From the first one, I saw Roller Coaster? A minecart with a looping track that does full 360
but didn't lose any speed.
Second one was a flaming bird.
Third was-
What am I doing again?
I see Stella, relaxing her body, as if waiting for an impact.
Ah right, I was about to hug her. I take it back.
"You don't need to push yourself that far, you know?"
"Doing way too much effort just for a hug, did someone forced you?"
"...No? As you said earlier, I'm lonely, that's all."
"Yeah nope."
"Let's just go outside."
"It's a date, Stella."

And here we are, at the biggest amusement park in the city, Fantasy World.
"I'm sure the question is , 'Why?' "
"No reason honestly, I was also bored, same as you."
We simply strolling around, exploring every nook and cranny.
"Rinka, let's ride that!"
Pirate Boat? Really?
"I won't help you, if you feel like want to throw up."
She tilted her head, as if questioning what the meaning of my sentences.
"Isn't it you that always feeling nauseous after riding these kind of rides?"
"...You got me there."
"It's fine, it gonna be fine."
She pushing me, towards the queueing line.
"Why do we get into the queue?"
"Eh? Why not?"
"Then, these premium membership will lost it's value y'know."
"I know that, but, don't you think chatting while waiting the queue to move, quite fun and romantic?"
"you know what? Nevermind, I'm sure you will regret it soon."
"So, what do you want to chat, my dear Stella?"
"Be normal, please."
"Your face, is kinda red, are you feeling sick?"
"Want to rest? I mean we have basically walking around the whole park, so I understand that you was
Ah, she finally back. Truly a no-guard ability user.
She look straight into my face, with kinda angry face.
"You intentionally do that huh? Fine, I'll play along, my love."
What? Didn't expect that.
"Come here, I want to ride it fast."
Uh-huh. She grab my hand, and practically cutting the queue line, well... back to the queue entry point
and not the riding point.
"People are looking."
"You aren't the type that cares whatever other people think."
"But you are the one that usually cares a lot about it."
"I don't care about it for now. I said, I'll play along with your little games, Rinka."
"Hoooo? So I was the top priority for you? I'm happy for that."
I let a smile out, and yep, critical hit.
"You're a little active today, aren't you?"
"Yeah, just feeling like it today. I was cooped up in my room the whole time anyway."
Woah, having the power of money sure is nice huh? I mean, we only spent 4 or so minutes queueing, but instantly getting a seat simply because you're paying the park a bit more than normal is astonishing.
"Umm, please wait until it's done."
The ride operator was saying those thing over and over to both queue lines, like an automated voice.
Well, I can't blame him, the queue kinda long thus making it harder for people to be patient.
"Is it always like this?"
"Yeah, people really like the rides and this amusement park is the best in the country."
"True that, many people from the other side of the island coming here just for 1-2 days of experience."
"Your wife?"
"Ah, congratulations in advance then. Have fun."
"Keep up the good job."
Ah, she keep looking at me with confusion.
"Just spill it out."
"Soon-to-be..huh? I thought you didn't like arranged relationships like this."
"I don't, but I like you."
"Ah, the rides is ready. Come on, Rinka, take a seat."
Ah, she evaded that by changing the topic, or did she?
"Here, here."
She was gesturing me to sit beside her.
"Alright, alright, I'll go there."
We rides everything the park has to offer, well not exactly everything but we're exhausted now.
Resting after doing something actually is nice.
Stella was drinking her caflatt Ah, I might actually in-love with her. Even the clumsy face she was showing here, is kind of cute.
"Nothing, you're just cute."
"Stop it, will you?"
"Well, that is the truth. Anyway, why do you want me to hug you at that time?"
"I'm lonely."
"You kept focusing yourself with your thing."
"That just how I am, I'm not sorry you feel that way."
"So I tried to copy it, by ignoring you."
"Ah, that."
"But you weren't fun. I was thinking you will disturb me there, and was waiting for it, yet you really
does back to your room, doing your thing once again."
I, really don't understand. So it was my fault?
"Mhmm, if you want it, just be straight-forward about it."
"Exactly, I ask you directly, yet you refused."
"Fine, fine. I'm sorry."
"Is that enough for you, Stella?"

"Why did I like such weird person?"
"But I'm also weird for liking him."
"Oi, I can hear that."
"Kiss me, and I'll forgive you."
"See? I was straight-forward about it and you refused me."
"I think this is the time we part, don't you think, Rinka?"
Break up, huh? I, don't know about that.
No, I don't want that.
Umm, while yes I will sacrifice some more time to her, lately it's been boring doing the same route, rotation and other thing in-game, so finding new hobby and new goal could be good.
Ah, this is stupid question, you stupid me.
Just say, you don't want that.
I grabbed her hands.
"Rinka? What's wrong?"
No words, nothing.
I kissed her.
Startled, or caught off-guard, she was resisting at first, then relaxed herself.
I feel like time stopped for a moment there.
"Is that enough?"
Ah, her face became red-ish from the embarassment.
"stupid rinka, stupid stupid."
"What? I can't hear that."
"Did you planned to do this? I meant, you kind of reserved these whole room for just the two of us,
"I was planning it, but You, you..."
"Please, say something before you want to do it, next time."
"That was just a fleeting moment, something I do just because. There would be no next time."
"Hmph. There definitely a next time."
"Just keep hoping it'll happen, fate might hear your pleas."
"What was that, that stupid. I'm not hoping it'll happen, it definitely will happen."
"Oh? Was that a challenge, or you playing with me~"
"It was my newest goal for now, be prepared for-"
"something." She said say something if I want to do it, right?
I kissed her again.
... No resistance at all, I guess the same trick won't happen twice.
And once again, time seemed to stop for this moment.
I slowly, stopped. "That should be enough, as I don't think I want to do it more, I have enough."
She is actively avoiding my face, for whatever reason.
"Umm, Stella?"
Really? I mean she was asking for it.
Nope brother, you are going too far just for teasing her.
Well..I guess it was kind of too far.. wait, did I just talk to myself?
"Anyway, should we go home?"
"Thinking it twice, nope , we need to go back, and I'll force you whether you like it or not."
"Hey, Stella?"
She still avoiding me.
This will take quite a long time.
"You know what? Nevermind. I will wait for you forever. Even if heaven and hells will sprout on this earth, I'll still wait for you.
Ah, she finally faced me.
That was quick.
"That line is so cringy."
"True that, I was possessed by something when I uttered that nonsense, my sincere apologies."
"Also...you..you..aaah let's just go home."
I extends my arm.
"Let's go."

Our daily activities is now kind of normal interaction.
We tried our best to help each other, spending time with each other.
Didn't expect such small changes could have this much impact to be honest, as I only sacrifice like
10% of my daily time to her.
Right now, we were watching a movie together at home.
A door opened and closed sounds? No bells?
"What's wrong, Rinka?"
"Wait here."
" ? "
Kind of heavy footsteps, this means they were at very least have good builts.
They seemed to stop, and place their shoe..at least that's what I heard.
I tried to peek a little.
"Is that you, Rinka?"
Familiar voice.
Ah, that was Kaku.
"Well, perfect timing. I need to talk to you first anyway."
"Also, where's Stella?"
"She were watching a movie in the living room."
"Oh? Watching a movie together? Why don't you take her to the movie theater as a date?"
"As long as you two could get close, it doesn't really matter wherever did you brought her to."
"Both me and your parents was kinda sad that you two was forcing yourselves to be seen as having a close relationship everytime we met."
"Mhmm, so what you wanna talk about?"
"Would you believe me, that we'll get struck by catastrophe by 14 April 2023?"
"Is that one of the things you mentioned that was kind of erased from your memory as in blurry memories?"
"Yes..." He hesitated for a moment, but "and a no."

"That was intentional, as there might be a chance the time that whatever knowledge I have would change if more people knew about it.
"But, I was running out of time, and for that, I decided to told you about this, at least."
"Because, as per our agreement, that you must protect Stella from whatever, whenever."
"Is that all?"
"Yeah, the time was the only thing I have, as I can't seemed to let go of this hourglass in front of my vision."
"You know? The ancient clock that using sand or dust to count time?"
"I know that, but what should I do, upon hearing that kind of bad news?"
"Just refrain from telling her this information, I'll do it by myself."
"Also, you'll understand the reason behind something I prepared for both of you."
This guy, speak in riddles. I rather get someone straight-forward than someone that kept running in circles when speaking.
Stella's voice echoing away.
"What took you so long? The movie almost hits it's climax."
Her sounds getting closer.
"Eh? Father? When did you come?"
"Stella, my lovely daughter!"
He, hugged her tightly. Is this doting or incest?
"Sto-Stop it, will you!"
"My daughter has grown into her rebellion phase, or so it would seems."
"It's must be hard for you, doesn't it?"
I hate this kind of question. I really hate it.
"No comments."
"You should've just say what you were thinking at once, without recalculating the outcome. It's a bad
habit, a really bad one."
"Yet, you seems like calculated everything, including my response."
He doesn't even show a surprised face. He come with instant reply to such 'insult'.
"Well, we businessmen need to see the gain and loss of something after all."
"So? Is there anything urgent that you need to go pay us a visit all by yourself?"
"Stella~, your fiance is going passive-aggressive here~"
"If you didn't like him, you could annul this relationship by yourself, aren't it father?"
"Hmm? What was that? Did you just defend...support his stances?"
"Well, the agreements between us the parents was to not involve ourselves too much,  so yeah
"Anyway, I want both of you to come with me today."
*whisper* "psst, rinka, do you know anything about that?"
"No. You should ask that to him. Isn't he is your father?"
"weelll, as much as I'd love to do that, I can't read his behaviour at all."
"I'll just get along with it at least for today."
I don't know why you telling me this, anyway.
"Come'on you two, keep the flirting inside the car."
That type of car kind of standard here, like why did he use such old-ish car. I was thinking he would
choose something with more luxurious value for this kind of casual occasion.
The car engine started, the radio started, and for some reason, I feel a hit of nostalgia.
"Have I drove this car before?"
"From my recollection, no. Why? You want to drive this baby?"
"No, you seemed to be enjoying this. I won't disturb it."
"No matter what happen, no matter how big I became."
"I was still myself when I drove this car."

"I could see my younger self blasting the radio with even more louder than this and singing along whatever song the radio channel was playing."
Talkative about hobbies and nostalgia, huh? It's such weird ones that I doubt it'll be much use to make it a way for milking information.
"Was your father always like this?"
"Yeah, if he drove this car, he always doing this and talking about everything, he became kind talkative."
"Well, he IS indeed someone with good social skills. What I meant was he seemed a bit more open."
"I- I see."
We chat about more things, but Kaku seemed to drove the topic back into the situation about our relationship.
That was a long road, I need to dodge a lot of bullets.
Turns out, he was just circling around while the actual destination was 3 minutes away from home.
"Welcome to the Stiffen's Special Training Center!"
Uh huh?
So this is what he mean.
Stella, still having a bit confusion.
Our eyes met.
"What...Rinka! You definitely knew about this don't you!"
Is it that obvious?
"While yes indeed I may have known about it, but I also didn't expect this is what he meant."
"That was the most AI-generated response I heard today."
"I want both of you to free your schedule for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday."
"Well, I was free anytime."
"But I suppose your daughter have good amount of things scheduled?"
"You don't need to worry, I will make sure her schedule be freed for this."
"I didn't heard any of that!"
"Why did you decide things like this all by yourself, father!"
"I still have classes I need to attend."
"I have talked about that to your professor."
"And, trust me. It will be something worth the effort for you."
"Anyway, let's start first training!"
A bunch of people, no, Instructors was gathered here.
I bet he paid a lot for them to be this quick and with such discipline.
"I leave those two to all of you, the schedule is what we have discussed earlier."
"As much as I'd love to see them train, I need to do something else."
And...he left.
"Well, today training was stamina and body-building."
Someone, that seemingly have more charisma than the rest, was sitting down while lifting dumbells.
"Go get changed, and start the training."
"I'll give both of you exactly 200 seconds to change with things we have prepared."
Aren't this pace, a bit too awkward?
Stella, she read the room way too fast.
I thought she was gonna question things first.
After that, we need to run, swim, jumps, practically everything we could imagine.
Holy, that was really, really tiring.
"Sir Kaku really ordered us to do something quite questionable, but these child, they actually doing it
"It really feels good when the trainee actually training with this much effort. How time flies."
What. *huff* Did *huff* They *huff* Talking about *huff*
Finally *huff*
"Both of you completed the 6-hours routine with just 5 hours and a half, that wasn't what it supposed to be but we will reduce the daily training from today onwards as it seemed to us that both of you
have great stamina already."
I was lying in the grass field, and then Stella also lie down beside me.
"Reduced- routine-"
"I was expecting you to fell off first y'know?"
"Being a shut-in and all."
"Didn't expect you to give it your all and surpasses my pace."
"I was- About to- give up- but I see you putting that much effort- it sparks my competitive spirit."
"True true, competitive spirits is what fuel our drives to train!"
"Training will be much more effective if you have a clear goal, and someone that pursue the same goal
as you."
The instructor was looking at us.
"Well, training with your beloved ones also boost it as much."
"Anyway, today training was over. You can rest there if you want, or you can keep training here."
"This training center was free to use to your heart cont-"
I..dead tired, and fell asleep.

Second Act
Having Fun is Good

The first week was fully focused on stamina training, and preparing our body.
Second week was...surprisingly we now trying to learn how to ride horse, using bows and ranged weaponry for artistic value.
Third week was, close-quarter combat, knife, swords, spears, fencing and martial arts. Also focusing on the artistic value for some reason.
Like, the instructor really was trying their best to make us believe that these training...no.
They really believed that we was training these kind of things to go into tournament or something.
This months, was kind of packed compared to the other ones. Both for me, and surprisingly for her.
She kinda was happy? Is it because she secretly likes to go training her muscles?
But...her builds wasn't that bulky. Her skin still soft like cotton candy even after all those training.
Yeah, not my problems.
But, this also marks the end of February.
1 more months till it comes...
"Hey, Rinka!"
ah, I was still astonished by her soft skins.
"My bad."
"Well..it's fine to get more of it..But more importantly, what are you thinking right now?"
After answering that, the sounds of happy screams mixed with thrilled and scared scream was heard.
I just realized for the fact that we are riding the roller coaster at this very moment.
How silly of me.
But, she seemed to yet knew about that piece of information. Just how long do you want to leave her
in the dark, Kaku?
Mhmm, the rides is as fun as I remembered them, and she also enjoyed it even though her face was practically saying the opposite of enjoyment.
"You know, most of the time, I really don't know what you're seeing, what you're thinking."
"Aren't that good then?"
Slurps. woah, this drink kinda taste good.
Should get the name of the drink to nice drinks folder, brb.
"Cause, if you know everything about something, then it won't be interesting anymore."
"Well, for me that is."
"I don't think I'll even consider to date you if you were someone with bland and easy to read personality."
"See? I don't know whether you intent those remarks as insult or praise."
"But, bland and easy to read huh?"
"I was like that before, and you ignored me, so I changed my approaches."
"That's that, and this is this."
"I don't change anything, 'cause you don't seem to really mind it whether I show the shut-in self or
actual human being front that I use as a mask."
"Does this mean, if I was indeed asked for it, you'll change?"
"I'll try at very least, but the chance is kind of abyssmal might as well don't do it."
"Aww, no fun."
Lately, these kind of conversation kind of repeating itself, waiting for new piece information or something to share to make it fresh.
Or..she was orchestrating everything so I could drop my guard.
I..really hate myself. C'mon, why did you think everything and everyone IS your enemy?
Stop arguing with me, me.
"Do you...nevermind."
"Anyway, you free tomorrow?"
"I never planned anything, anytime. Just call me and I'll be there."
"Well..true that."
"Speaking of plans, I have something really cringy trying to come out of my mouth."
"What is it?"
She said that with such curious face, cute.
"You are the best thing I have never planned."
"Is that all?"
Haha, now she changed her expression to that of straight face, devoid of anything but
"Yeah, can't think of anything else but you."
Alright, that's enough for now.
"Could you stop?"
The sounds of friendly laughter of both of them fills the air, forced laughter that is...or is it?
Now, you just trolling yourself, me.
"So..what do you wanna do?"
"You need me for something could means 2 things, a date, or your Father won't allow you to go
unless you could drag me, which practically a date anyway."
"Where do you want to go this time?"
She brought a book, filled with bookmarks in almost each pages. Well, the book itself was kinda thin, but it was impressive nevertheless.
She opened the book with two hands, while pointing the side like a kid trying her best to impress
their parents.
"Travelling plans, huh? Why tho?"
"Lately, I've binge-watching for travel review niche, and I find it interesting!"
"But...father won't let me...well more like he won't give me sufficient money to survive if I go alone."
"When I proposed the idea of getting close-friends nor my exclusive housemaid to accompany me-"
"Let me guess, he refused and then putting something along the lines of "drag Rinka with you, I'll let
you." Isn't it?"
"What are you, an esper?"
"His action was kinda predictable if it was about our relationship, he really want to push this..."
"can't deny that."
I was expecting her to use the excuse for traveling, to distract herself while also experiencing things before the catastrophe hit the Earth.
Just how long do you plan to leave her in the dark, Kaku?
"Let me check my plans book first-"
"You don't even have one!"
"You already got your answer, congratulations!"
Ah, she is pouting...it is what it is.

"So? Everything ready yet?"
Stella was still busy with her problem, well not really a problem.
"ticket, clothes, money and cards. Yup, everything is there."
I tried to pick-up her backpack, but wasn't expecting this.
I think it was around 2-3 kilograms.
"You know, we don't need to brought that many thing when we can just bought it on the way."
As I tried to take out a bit of them-
"As they say, prepare an umbrella before rains raining down~"
"Alright sure, you do you."
"Where is the first destination?"
"What about Indonesia?"
"Indone..ah that? I mean sure, why not.. but why?"
"I don't know, I just want to try everything."
"Let's go then, the airport won't wait us even if we paid them more unless we brought a private ones."
"What about getting a private one, then?"
"It'll be a hassle, but more flexibility and we need to find someone to be the pilot and-"
She shut my mouth with both of her hands.
"Nope, stop right there."
"Let's contact father to help us set things up for our trip!"

And here we are, at a Great Forest Park, somewhere in Bandung, Indonesia.
As it's name stated, it really is a big big forest, that got touched by humans to be at very least good enough for tourism. It was full with big...really tall pine trees for some part of it, making it good area to lay hammock to rest while breathing these really fresh air.
The park was so quite big, it really is.
Looking from the information stored in the internet, it's have a whopping 528,393 Hectares.
Stella decided to spend every bit of her time doing something and only resting for food and drinks, but honestly? There isn't much to do other than enjoying the forests itself.
There are domesticated animals, within a quite remarkably big cages that tourist could feed with the vegetables bought from local merchant.
A playground for kids, some Flying Fox, a zip-lining attractions and some historical sites.
Speaking of historical sites, there is this really big one.
Two, actually.
Goa Jepang, and Goa Belanda...Japan Cave and Dutch Cave if we're going with direct translations I suppose?
We entered the one with Japan name first, simply because our location was quite nearby with it.
I said we, what I meant was a tour group led by a local tour guide. Not too bad honestly, it's better than blindly going inside of it, 'cause it's fricking dark.
The deeper you go, the more dark it get, as if the tunnel suck all the light there is.
And what is more funny? Local merchants selling flashlights exactly at the entrance.
How convenient!
Well, sadly with how technologies advanced, the flash from our mobile phone is quite good enough to navigate and see things inside. Good try and concepts though.
"Do any of you have a prior knowledge about the history of this caverns, tunnel system?"
The tour guide speak louder, to make sure everyone heard him.
"I...will take that as a no, I suppose."
He started explaining it, bit by bit, and it was surprisingly good.
So..let me just simplify it.
During World War II, Japanese invades Indonesia, found some tunnel system almost done, get them military of theirs working on it, and use it to store everything necessary in time of wars.
That's it, nothing more, nothing less.
But there's a catch, the Japanese military forced Indonesian local to dig it, expanding it further.
We could see some rocks, more rocks, and even more rocks.
Even the path we walk almost feels like a rock simply because how much people have gone here, changing the lands.
Bats sleeping soundly, but yeah other than that, it was just a cave.
"They said, that everything in Indonesia will always have spirits. Yes, Ghost!"
"But, over the 1 year I've done this gig, honestly there haven't occurred any supernatural occurrence~"
What if...I try to actually expose whether they are real or not?
What if...
A hand touched my back.
Really cold, as if they aren't alive.
"Rinka! C'mon, they already got further!"
"Oh? I'm coming."
Let's see...let me try something fun.
"If you're here, show yourself."
I kept repeating these words along the way, raising the volume each time, until Stella heard it.
God, that was embarassing.
"Who you're talking to?"
"Tried to call the so-called ghost."
"What the heck is wrong with you?"
"I don't find this cave interesting, so might as well do something fun~"
"If you really are trying to do that, what about using local language? I think it was called Sundanese or
Hooo? That never was occurred in my line of thinking.
Let me just translate it real quick and hopes they understood it, haha-ha.
I hate myself, just do it brother.
'Lamun maneh aya didieu, kaluar?'
How to spell it again?
"Lymun mane aia deedee... what the heck is eu?"
"Lymun mane aia deedee u. kayluar!"
Suddenly, as if reality itself got flipped, my vision turned up.
Then, I could see myself...or rather my own body.
It becoming darker and darker, to the point of pure darkness.
"Jang naon maneh neangan arurang?"
What the heck?
It's freezing all of the sudden, and after a bit, another voice echoes in my head.
"Why have you search for us?"
They could speak english? What?
"We transferred a bit of our power, to let you communicate with us."
And...I bet you could read what I am thinking, right?
"Simply, because that souls of yours doesn't have any means to speak."
Souls? Wait....I can't see myself.
"I ask you again, Why have you look for us?"
...You definitely already know what my reason is.
"That is true, The Punishment day will soon hammered it way to Earth."
`wait what?`
`yeah what the heck are they thinking when you answered that way, me?`
`I don't know either, let's just get along either way.`
Yes, and for that, I need you to lend more of your power.
A laughter, echoing infinitely.
"You? A mere Invader of this Land that I protected? Wanting to use my power?"
Did I look like an invader to you? There is a reason I come all the way here.
Even more longer, louder laughter, echoing, keep bouncing at the sides of my ears.
"Now I remember!"
"You're that person descendant!"
"BUT, your body...no, your souls won't be able to handle my full power."
A darkness sphere, inserted into my body...or my soul to be exact.
"Now, go."
Once again, the reality flipped itself.
...I'm alive...and I'm back.
But, I still could see my own body, just standing there as if freezing in space itself.
Ah, I could hear a voice, human voice to be exact.
And now, I could hear everything, from the dripping water, bat flying, to flashlight switching.
"Hey, Rinka?"
"It's not good to joke like that in a place like this, don't you think?"
Stella stopped moving, and turned around, just to see my body that didn't move any inches.
She tried to take my hands and...she failed, as if my body glued in the space.
"Hey...It's not funny to joke like this..."
"Are you still here?"
Terrified, she started running towards the tour guide.
I can't move, I can't follow her, or that's what I'm thinking.
The moment I let my brain to stop thinking, and voila, I could move now.
Woah, I could phase through everything, like that one ghost movie, 'Casper'!
Hehe, I'm blue badabideba.
Oi, stop joking around and think how to get out of this situation.
I mean, what could we do here? There's nothing, exactly.
Just follow the stream flow, we will definitely reach the sea.
I could move around, but it's seems the distance was limited by some unknown barrier, my head hurts just by going too far.
After some calculation, it was 5 meters from my body...yeah let's just wait and see how they handle this.
"Pertama kali saya nemu kejadian kaya gini."
He seemed surprised to see the state of my body.
"Umm, I'm sorry but, could any of you help me move this person to safety?"
He raised his voice, and a man with big bulk raising his hand.
It really is funny watching this unfolds in a cave.
"Alright! Thank you!"
"In 1, 2...3!"
They succesfully carry me up.
But, they also failed.
"What the heck is he? How the heck he feel way more heavy than 40kg dumbells?"
Once again, the tour guide raised his voice, to get more help.
He also running around, looking for someone or something.
After around 6 minutes...or so, I'm bored watching it so I started counting time.
They finally get my body outside, where they surround me like something funny or historical. They
even took a picture of me, how embarassing.
"Hey...It's really is not funny you know."
"You're wasting your energy, young lady."
The tour guide came back, with someone that wears something really...eccentric?
I don't know, it seemed to me that he was copying an Arabians outfit from those middle-east movie.
Then, he spell something with a bottle of water in hands.
The water, he fucking spouts the whole bottle into me.
Suddenly, I feel some sort of power sucking me, the soul, back into the body.
I opened my eyes.
Damn, this is really awkward.
First thing I saw was, Stella's happy-surprised face.
She is crying. I wasn't expecting her to be this emotional. Whatever...
I embraced her.
"So...what is happening to you?"
The tour guide apporaches us.
"Umm...the old man surely know, right?"
He turned around and..
"Abah, jadi kumaha?"
"Usir, Jauhkeun."
And he looked at me again.
"Umm...yeah, that old man refuse to answer."
"But, could you tell us what you did to get into that situation? To make sure nothing of it got repeated, because damn that was really heavy."
"Lymun mane aia deedee u. kayluar!"
"Umm, could you repeat that?"
"It was Sundanese translation of, 'If you're here, get out!'"
"Ah, Lamun maneh aya didieu, kaluar. Got it."
"But, that was quite a dedication to spell whatever stupidity of language we have here. I mean, it
should be hard for non-sundanese people, even my friend on the other provinces can't understand it."
"Never do it again, anywhere."
Suddenly, he looks really serious, the playful tone of friendly tour guide is now long gone.
"I hate to say this, but you really should go really far from here, as our local old man want you to begone."
"Yeah, I already got what I need here, don't worry about that."
"But, you know what? Despite your age, you speak english quiet fluently."
I handed him my business card.
"If you need anything, just contact those numbers and addresses and I'll do everything I could for you."
"Take it as a thanks for handling the situation so brilliantly."
I take Stella, no, I drag her, forcefully.
"Remember to contact me~"
We waves our hands, as a signal of parting away.

"Hey, if you kept crying, the driver would definitely be disturbed."
"Umm, sir, can you get us to City of Bandung, and...let's see... 'Mason Pine Hotel'"
"Mason Pine? That was quite far."
"Don't worry, we will pay you handsomely."
"...Alright, but we will stop by some convenience stores as I want some snacks."
"As long as we reach the destination, it's fine by me."
The taxi we called, now started moving, away from the area of that spirits
"It's seemed to me that both of you have a rough day."
"Just take a rest, I'll drive smoothly."
So...yeah, she still sticking to my hand like a glue.
"Hey...can you stop that..."
"It's really tiring...as if...I could fade away...anyt-"
I...could see a river, and someone waving their hands to me.
"Just kidding."
"Finally, you could let go of my hands, the tired part is not a lie though."
Her expression didn't change, it still full of fear and anxiety.
"I'm here, and all that's matter, remember?"
"It's scary."
"I know."
"It was really dark there too."
"I know."
"Why...why are you staring into nothingness back then at the cave?"
"I can't answer that, as every inch of my vision now locked onto you."
"I hate this side of you, the one that will always take everything unseriously."
"But, I am serious about this."
"So, all you need is a good rest, without overthinking anything, and hopes the dream won't produce
more of this."
Yeah, didn't expect this joke would go this way, but it is what it is.
The supposedly fun traveling trips, now could potentially be a trauma for her...Ah, I hate extra work like this.
But...really? Spirits? My common sense can't swallow such nonsense, but, I already experienced it.

Third Act
Life Always Find It's Ways

The next day, Stella appear to be more happy, as if yesterday cries was just a dream.
Like...bro, it only 5 A.M. and she already urging me to woke up.
We continued the our traveling plans after cutting some more destinations. Is this what it's called honeymoon? Going together, to somewhere, just the two of us?
It is, what it is.
Luckily...or as expectedly, nothing extraordinary happened. Just occasional soul-move when I was asleep for some reason.
If I counted it right, for every 3 times I let go of my conciousness, I could access the soul-state.
It happened so frequently, might as well give it a name, hahaha.
Funny joke.
Yeah, let's just say it 'Astral Vision'
From the usual Eiffel Tower of France, to Sydney's Opera House, to Door to Hell Turkmenistan, and some other landmarks.
Practically going around the world experiencing everything they could offer.
Right now, we were walking in England, at the road near the Big Ben.
"Hey, are you satisfied yet?"
"With what exactly?"
"The sightseeing, what else?"
"Well...your words most of the time have multiple meaning...."
"I'm always honest when I talk to you."
"See? That could mean you indeed doing that, if you weren't talking to me, which practically contradict
"Fine, you won."
I can't really predict what moves she would use. I can't understand her.
"I meant, the information of the Catastrophe."
Surprised, she stopped walking.
"Does that mean, Father told you that too?"
"But..but he said I was the only one that got that particular information."
She feel into deep thinking for a while. I really want to disturb her, but this is for the best.
"Yeah, exactly. You're right, he planned all this."
"Well, except that one time I got possesed during our trip in Indonesia."
Moreover, I'm sure he already track his daughter in real-time to see where we have gone.
Suddenly, a phone ring...to be exact, both of our phones were ringing.
We looked into each other...
"You first, I'll look somewhere to rest."

"We're fine."
"But...aren't it a bit too sudden?"
"Yeah, he's here."
"Hey Rinka, Father want to call you."
She passes her phone, just for me to hear, "What did you do to her?"
Silence for around 3-4 seconds.
"Nothing, just...drag that little girl back to me."
"I already prepared the means for transportation, all you need was just follow it."
"You know, that kind of statement could means a lot of things?"
"Whatever, where are you right now?"
"Doing big business, in Jakarta, Indonesia."
"I knew it, something is wrong...Fine, I already promised it to you anyway."
"We will be come home tomorrow."
Calls ended, and the phones UI instantly back to home menu, where she put...what the heck is this
background image?
"Hey, Stell-"
"No can do~"
I checked today's date, and it was 8th of April...time sure flies when you enjoyed them huh...
"Anyway, he already called you to go back."

"We were only halfway of our traveling plans...It's a shame."
"Better luck next time."
"But, don't worry."
"If you truly loves travelling around the world, I'll always accompany you wherever you want to."
Silences fills the air.
What? What do you mean? Did I said something wrong?
Nope, good job me!
"You with your sweety mouth..."
"But, I don't hate it."
"I...really can't understand what do you actually want from me."
"It is, what it is. So, is there anything you want to do left? We will go straight to your Father place
tomorrow afterall."
"Let's try the famous Sword in the Stone!"
"I'm pretty su-"
She already was ahead of me, even before I finished my words.
I tried to follow her, while quickly increasing my speed to catch up.
Yeah, as usual, I grabbed her on the shoulder.
"It's not open to public."
"And, it's not even real."
We, human have already civilized for more than 2000 years, and at 20th century, technologies advance really, really fast.
With some thinking of common sense, such a sword won't exist as it will defitely rusted no matter what kind of material it uses.
Thaaat...should be enough to convice her, I suppose.
"Fine, let's go check the famous Stone Henge, then."
"I mean, why not?"
"Let's see...yeah, it's open for public."
Stone Henge, literally stone. We're looking at a set of stones.
"What do people find interesting and exciting about these stone? I really don't understand that."
"Yeah, yeah, just keep looking at that rock."
"Just like that!"
A flash, did she..just taking a picture of me analyzing a rock?
"Ugh, why are you still looking cool even when you were just looking a rock?"
"Let me see that."
"I'm a good photographer, aren't I?"
Woah, that was such a good expression.
If only I could immortalize it without her knowing that I took it....
But...where the heck is the 'cool' in me from that picture?
"I looked like stupid there."
"Eh? But....well, let's just make the netizens judge it."
"Aaaand, posted."
"Wanna hit some ice cream store while we wait for the reactions?"
- BanGod : You have a boyfriend?!?!
- hitmeinstomach : Who is that? I feel like you're having fun there!
- hitmeinchestinstead :
replying to hitmeinstomach I'm sure she's finally got a boyfriend! How lucky....and such a cutie.
- ImmaNerdin : After thorough research and digging, I found out that, the person in this picture doesn't have any social media account showing his face.
He is quite popular streamer, that's all I could say.
- ....
"What the heck."
"See? You're cute, and cool!"
"But, the me in that picture really stupid-looking."
"I won, so feed me~"
We're currently eating ice cream. And for some reason, she make a bet, a harmless one.
'The wrong one will feed the winner.'
I mean, it was a win-win situation regardless of who is winning the bet, so, without any hesitation I agreed on it.
I only need to...feed her these ice cream...right?
Why does she act like these things is hard to do?
And thus, the romantic feeding session, results in failure.
Poor Stella, she tried her best.
After a whole night on the plane, we finally arrived at the mansion? This guy...
I straightly go to the supposedly my room, and to my surprise, the whole computer set that I put was
here, and I meant it.
The computer literally the same with the very same disk and setup.
What's wrong with him?
I thought he move to Jakarta only for a short while...
Well, the difference was now it's double bed instead of single.
Just when I was about to hit bed...someone breached the perimeter!
Nah, it's just Stella.
Oh come on, I waited for eternity to land that joke.
"Father said this was my room..."
"Yeah it is."
"Then, why are you here and...those computers?"
As I pointed my finger towards the double bed, I said "See that thing?"
"Honestly, I don't mind, but it's definitely gonna be awkward, isn't it?"
"Where did he put my privacy away~"
"Yeah, this mansion was quite big with some vacant room, yet he deliberately set us to get on the
same room."
"That's that. Wanna go out and grab some fast food?"
"Who are you? Rinka won't go outside, he will just order it online."
"But....true that, I'll just search the online food delivery system in this country."
"Thanks for the reminder!"
"No, I mispoke alright."
"So, where we going?"
Why did such lovely girl even like me that much again?
These question kept repeating itself, like a broken clock waiting for it's battery to be changed.
Ah right, she was actively ignoring me at first.
"Never. Ever. Talk. To me."
"No matter what?"
She...this girl really ignoring me.
I mean, that was a given, as I would also do the same if I was in the same shoes.
A stranger, that you don't even know their backgrounds, was engaged to you by your father simply because both the parents have made a promise about it.
AND forced both of you to live under the same roof.
But, this is definitely awkward and uneasy experience.
Should I open up?
But...after that, do you still think she would open to you too?
So, there is no other choice other than intruding her lif, huh?
Yeah, there isn't.
Come on, do the 'Pin on the wall thingy'!
Nope, I'll go with the more traditional means.
First day, still ignoring me, as if I'm not even there.
"We need to talk."
No luck.
"What you wanna eat tonight?"
It still doesn't work...
After a whole week of hard work, I finally threw away my dignity as this whole week was really, really weird and awkward.
"Hey, I like you."
"what's wrong with you?"
Oh? A response. Nice, it's actually working.
Each day, it kept going downhill.
And, after the 4th day.
"Where were you? Your father worried."
"Why should I answer that to you? I'll hang up."
"Fine, I'm waiting."
"It's not an importang thing...but..."
"Hurry up, I wanna do something too."
"I love you."
"Yeah no, I'm hanging up."
What the heck is wrong with that guy?
Did father really hire such a weirdo for me?
Sure, it was a son from his friend, but it still weird.
I'm definitely overthinking thing...wait.
Didn't I already crossed this area?
Focus, Stella, you have technology.
As soon as she tried to open her phone, hands was already creeping behind her, and soon after, her
vision became pitch black, covered by some sort of fabric.
Yeah, kidnapped...or so it is.
The kidnapper, I hired them to do so.
30 minutes has passed huh.
Let's get the operation started.

Fourth Act

Wouldn't it be cool, if you're in a trouble and some knight with shining armor saves you?
Truly the fantasy to live with, but real life isn't a fantasy.
It's been more than 10 minutes since I was kidnapped, but didn't expect them to work under such
bright daylight, but here I was, with both legs and arms tied and some sort of fabric covering my face.
"Hey brother, aren't this is too easy for such high paying job?"
"Listen, we here ain't working legally. We need to risk it with the law."
"But that girl is such an easy target, it's unreal."
"Yeah, we got the jackpot this time."
"I already contacted whoever was in her contact and telling them that she was kidnapped."
Stupid newcomer.
With technologies, we could detect you as long as you connected at least once to the internet.
Let's wait for a little longer.
12 minutes passes...
20 minutes...
30 minutes...
Ah, I can't count anymore under this much stress.
Why nobody came to me?
"Who's there?!?!"
What's wrong? Why are they shouting?
I can't see anything 'cause this damn cheap wool sack.
"Brother, what's happen-"
"What are you doing!!!"
I can't hear anything anymore, I guess it was already settled?
Hmm? Someone loosen my tied arms and legs?
Reflexively, I immediately unmask this cheap fabric, and....
"Why are you such a troublemaker? You know how hard is it to pinpoint your location based on the
last time we were on phones
But...where the kidnappers?
"Y'know how worried your father is, with the kidnapper calling his number?"
No way, He really beat them?
But, I can't see any of them here.
"Where did  the kidnapper go?"
"Oh right!"
"Ah, they ran away....."
He turn away, straight looking to my eyes.
He smiles, really wide...
"Well...as long as you're save."
"It's the objective this time."
Ignoring the last part, he really is...the fantasy hero, as if everything was fabricated.
No, it's definitely is fabricated, 'cause ain't no way he could take down 2 of them with that kind of body and weird sleep schedule.
Ah...now I'm feeling weird.
For some reason, I remembered the past week interaction with him.
And particulary, the newest one on the phone.
'I love you.'
That ain't real. Get a grip, Stella.
"Oh? You finally open up to talk to me? What a reward indeed."
He extends his arms.
"Let's go home."
"No need."
"But the position that Mr. Kaku hired me was your personal guard, even though I don't even know
what it mean."
I know full well that Father literally make him engaged with me rather than whatever guard it was.
But, it seems that he wasn't aware of that fact, yet.
Should I go along?
Then why did he go out of his way to confess such a thing again and again?
Is it because I ignored him?
Or it was his genuine feeling?
"I'll leave you there if you want to think more, but the night has already fallen."
Before I realized it, it was already nighttime.
"Ah right, here your phone and whatever was inside your bag."
He tosses me my bag.
And yeah, it was already time for the night to fall.
I don't understand his reasoning.
Perfect as usual, me.
Now she will always concious about me and won't ignore me, truly a nice little reward after 1 and a
half week of hardwork.
Ah right, there another step to be taken.
"You hungry? I mean, you definitely should feel hungry, 1 hours kidnappd after a long day with
whatever you're doing."
"Get to the point."
"My point is, want to grab some snack on the way?"
I could hear some rambling sounds from her stomach, for some odd reason.
Must be my imagination.
"Fine, lead the way."
Yeah, poisoning her with some abysmall poison effect is the next step.
A slight feeling of fever, that would make her bedridden at very least for 4 days.
Too strong?
Just in case, let's add the dose of it for a whole week!
What a weird day, but...it's quite fun I suppose?
Well, thrilling fun, but it's fun nevertheless.
Didn't expect that I'll get confessed from phone, to straight up kidnapped, and having a dinner with
Ah...I'm so tired for some reason...
Everything feels heavy...did i...catch a cold?
Sitting on the floor for over an hour definitely enough to give you some cold, but aren't this a bit too much?
I touched my forehead with my palm.
It..weirdly hot.
I....tried to get thermometer.
Ahh..it's really is weird.

That was too damn high.
This isn't normal...but I can't move...
Everything felt so heavy....
"Stella? You alright? Your father still worried-"
I saw Stella, laying on the bed, as if she's really hurt.
Aren't it a bit too high? Is the dose I put a bit too much for her to handle?
That's that, and this is this.
I'll stick to the plan and attend her for the whole week.
Yeah that should be all.
Well, she's really lively now so I guess it doesn't really mattered that much...
Even though her father really got worried, he for some reason didn't sentence me to death, yet.
Just why such a calculating man take a risk on me?


Each day passes, Stella's worries growing more and more.
Simply because the so-fated day was around the corner, and that day was tomorrow.
She insist playing games together, going to some shopping center together, and sightseeing together
for the past 2 days, leaving me with no choice but to say 'sure'.
"What are you playing right now?"
"Competitive FPS."
"Even though you know tommorow will be the last day?"
"Exactly, that's why I want to enjoy it as much as I could, as long as it's lasts."
"You're weird too."
"No, I'm not."
"Then, why are you swimming in my side of the bed, full of my clothes?"
Yeah, she insist to keep me staying by her side, all the time except for toilet and shower.
But, I have enough of it.
The day, April 14th has finally arrived, but to much surprises, nothing actually happened even after
12'o clock at noon.
I decided to take a breather, and go outside.
"Where you wanna go, Rinka?"
"You know today is the day, right?"
"Just going outside for a bit, don't worry about it."
"Why not? It's my own life. It won't affect you, at all."
"It definitely will."
"I'll go to that one rooftop of a mall."
"The one you said 'the view here is beautiful ain't it.'..I think?"
"Comeback quickly, I'll be waiting."
And thus, I venture, outside the mansion, where hustle and bustle of the city they always produce.
Worker going to their work, salesman trying to sell things, taxi driver driving on those hectic traffic.
Everything of these, these thing that was very organized, from the bottom to the top, that was ruled by the power of wealth.
These will gone in an instant.
I got into the lift, that was going to the rooftop floor.
Everything is so surreal. It was as if I could take all these buildings with both of my palms.
The humans walking, and the vehicles driving in the road, look really tiny as if just a mere touch of my toe would destroy them.
Yeah, it finally come to an end.
The sky, clear blue sky, filled with the whites of clouds.
Now, showing the color of a red, the color of bloods, and a slash, from an unknown realm, slashed the sky to the point that it was looked as if the sky itself was bleeding.
Yeah something is wrong.
Why, just why nobody was moving, nor noticed about these changes?
Am I crazy?
I ran, straight to the lift, that was luckily about to go down.
I shouted, to make the one already inside, to keep the door open.
"Huff. Huff."
"Erm...you okay?"
"I am alright, but..."
"Calm down, okay?"
"It'll definitely be fine."
"No, it won't."
The strangers inside of the lift, looked at me as if they were watching a wild animal.
Cough Cough.
"My apologize."
Relaxing lift background-sounds.
"So...anything wrong?"
"It was...just my loved ones."
"That sounds rough."
"I hope they are fine!"

Weirdly nice person. Well, thank to his quick movement to tap the 'open door' button, I could get
down quickly.
"Thank you, good stranger."
The moment I could get out of the lift, I tried to contact Kaku.
I kept running, moving as fast as I could.
Everything, seems to move really slow when I accelerate my speed.
Is it because the training, or the outworldly thing have already distributed?
At last, I arrived at the retail for motorcycle producer.
"I want this one."
"Contact this guy, I need to go really quick." As I handed Kaku's business card.
"I'm sorry sir, we can't do that."
"Then, get your manager."
"This is really urgent."
Why are they so slow doing these when they could get big bucks from it?
"Mr. Kaku?"
"The real one?"
"Yes. Get me the bank number, so I could quickly pay the price of the bike that young lad was about
to take."
"Erm...but the legal-"
"No need. I'll pay your quadruple the price, do it quickly."
"Aye sir!"
He smiles really wide...what the heck did Kaku said there?
"It's fine now, right?"
"Thank you for your patronage! Come back again, esteemed costumer!"
People work faster the more money you pour...huh.
Anyway, for some reason, the whole road was really open.
Well, not really, I still need to overtake one two cars, but yeah full on gas.
The more I wander my mind, the more stupid it's become.
A lake emerged from nowhere, with a fish-like teeth covering all It's side.
Turned down trees, flying land of mass...without any cares about newton's rules...
And I finally arrived.
But, when I look back, it was all normal.
"Sir Rinka! This way!"
As I approached the mansion staff, for some reason my vision blacked out.
The lake, now became a reality, consuming anything that got into it.
The area where trees got turned down corrupting every plants in it's vicinity.
Buildings flying all over the sky, truly fit the name of skyscrapers.
"Are you alright? We need to hurry!"
"What the heck was that?"

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