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Each step takes a little bit out of you - but yet you are drawn towards the old house
Pulled into the curved driveway – the darkness of the clouds and the escaping moon from behind, sent a shimmering glow upon the weeds. As they reached from cracks and crevices made from years of neglect, they highlighted a warning of staying away. Sitting there with my foot on the break anticipating making that trek up the shadowed house. A glow seen from deep within did not seem warm nor inviting, and yet a smile still crossed my lips as I turned off the car.

Grabbed my purse putting the shoulder strap over my head, keys between my fingers ready for anything that could jump from the dark shadows that enveloped this old property. Ready, and yet that shiver still played on my spine. Before opening the door and stepping out I took one more look around. The coast was clear.

Steps echoed in the stillness of darkness with every hesitant step towards the front door. The grass had partially grown over the walkway brushing against my half bare legs, causing me to envision bugs and critters jumping on me. Jerking my feet with every motion forward I was at the landing for the door.

At this point I could see the spiders and webs in the corners waiting for me to get close. Hesitated to look for a clear path. The webs attached to the door, broken with no vision of having them remade.

Reaching for the handle I pull back after first contact. Could feel the dirt and grime that had built up over the years. Take a breath and reach out again the latch stick as I try and press on the handle. I put my keys in my pocket. Hearing voices from deep within, but nothing is audible. Lean toward the door trying to make out the voices, but they stop.

Try to look through the side window but all I see is the glow through the dust and debris. I more deep breath before I try the door with both hands. There is resistance from years of never opening.

Hear something in the bushes, and I freeze shoulder leaning on the door both hands on the handle. Look around and see nothing. Still not moving and casing my environment I see something scatter from under the bushes to the long grass. It sits up with eyes wide starring and just as shocked to see me… Let out the air I was unknowingly holding, I whisper in the evening air – “you scared me friend.” Relax a little and continue to push on the door.

It gives a little but still trying to keep me out. With a little pull back and full force I break the seal. The squeak is loud, and the door hits the wall behind. Stand up straight as I hear the voices getting closer.

Yell out excited. “Honey I’m home – what time did you get the keys.”
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