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Trying To Help With Random Acts of Kindness For 21 Plus Years
Welcome to Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward is a portfolio or identity dedicated to the facilitation of your good deeds. It is considered a secondary account that is grandfathered into the system.

This portfolio is represented mostly by one person/bear, but was started by a group of VERY YOUNG *Laugh* individuals in 2001, dedicated to the cause of contagious good will. Our goal was to begin and sustain a healthy movement based on the philosophy and practice of Paying it forward.

What does Pay It Forward mean?

Pay it forward was inspired by the movie Pay It Forward where a young social studies student is given an assignment to change the world. Taking this assignment seriously and literally, he comes up with the Pay It Forward scheme and begins a national movement of anonymous good deeds. The mechanism of the scheme is this, one person would do something kind and/or helpful for another, but instead of requesting that the individual pay him back he charges him to pay it forward.

Paying it forward is therefore the most altruistic (if altruism is possible) way we have to give gifts. In giving our gifts and good deeds through the pay it forward scheme, we are not asking for anything in return except the hope that our deed will only multiply and grow.

And that’s where we come in.

What is our function?

We try to help when we can.

What is our goal?

Our goal is both lofty and small. We would hope to help each of you build a community of charity, encouragement, and human kindness even greater than is now experienced here at Writing.Com, but we are happy if only to affect one person’s life through this venture.

What can we do?

It is only as limited as yours and our imaginations.

Please note that if you intend on utilizing Pay It Forward, understand that your donations are not payments for service, but rather, our service is a way of thanking you for your donations.

As a rule, we do not solicit gift points, unlike most groups and activities. We , after all, are fluffy over stuffed bears laden with all paws. We make mistakes, and although we try very hard to compensate our patrons when we do, we do not bode well under the scrutiny of high customer service expectations.

What can’t we do?

Any and all gift points received by Pay It Forward are never used for personal gain by the proprietors of this account. We consider the maintenance and continuation of this account a community service. It has been going on continuously for twenty years plus, but we could stop at any time if real life intervenes.

Two of the original Pay It Forward bears actually conceived the idea for RAOK, so you see that the pay it forward spirit lives on way beyond this account and the bears associated herewith.

*Once in a while when we see someone go out of their way for others, we might give them an Awardicon or a Merit Badge. We love to encourage public reviewing. We have been known to host merit badge challenges in our newsfeed.

That is our sole discretion to do that and we enjoy doing it on occasion. *

IMPORTANT: Since the invention of c-notes, sending of the fuzzy messages is automated and doesn't involve us bears. But we do check this account (HopeFULLY) at least Once every couple of weeks or so for messages.

And sometimes, we send out fuzzy messages to people by hand, when we see that it is needed or when we are in the mood.

One of us bear cubs might log in and send birthday greetings in the form of FuzzyFlowers for that day - you never know. For years we sent account anniversary greetings to all members but now it is hit and miss as we scamper in the forest and play our days away.

Others have taken up this cause and have done very well with it.

Sometimes, we even open the old fashioned Fuzzyflowers and send them out by hand to show our appreciation of nice activities, like public reviewing. We did that at Thanksgiving one year - sending out over 100 Turkey Grams, to authors we saw online on the night before Thanksgiving.

We will always honour your request if we can, unless we feel that you may have expectations one would of a service agency.

If this is the case, we would hate to let you down in any way, so we will totally refund your gift points instead of processing your request assuming you are not interested in donating to our cause.

We are a charity, not a store.

We cannot rate any items.

Since this is not a user account but a community account, it is not for rating and it would be logistically and ethically wrong for us to do so.

One final thought.

Please remember to be kind out there and pay it forward, whatever you do!

Elvis Fuzzley/Fuzzy Wuzzy has been here since the beginning and is the one who is most here in this account now. A lot of members think they know who we are.

They may or may not be correct in their assumptions.

Apply that old Golden Rule and do unto others and you will have no problem from us. *Heart*

We welcome all true believers in bear hugs and in paying it forward! Although we were the first (that we know of in 2001) to have our own angel group and fuzzy grams featuring bears on this site, we know that there will be many who want to participate in the hugging and encouraging that is all part of paying it forward! *Heart* We are fine with anyone who wants to borrow the angel and/or bear concept and fly with it.

Lately, we usually give an Author of the Year Award each year during Cyber Weekend, if we remember to do it! *Teddy* *Laugh* *Teddy*

We continue to do what we can when we can and make no promises regarding that for the future. Why make promises, the proof is in the paying it forward. We hope to do that while we are able.*Heart**Teddy**Angel*

*Teddy* *Teddy**Teddy**Teddy**Teddy*


The Pay It Forward Bear Cubs
Boo, Sugarbear, Elvis Fuzzley, Pooh Pooh & Fuzzy Wuzzy
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