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by Sophy
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SLAM!ME Round 8 Poem about how a song touches my heart.
Strong fingers
touch the strings -
         you are faceless
         you are nameless

and yet you know me
at my most intimate core.

Strumming -
I can hear the sound
of your fingers
moving across the strings
plucking at my heart
with each note
as if you are playing me
my heartstrings
         my heartsong

I hear a path -
a winding path ...

I am drowning in each note
and each note drowns in me
inside every cell
every part of me
even my breath

duality oneness harmony
swelling upon waves

pling! pling! pling!
light, airy sweet -
then steady and strong
as the simple melody
lifts me up
and carries me away
far, far away -
         to a place deep inside of myself
         to the innermost me

You move me
bleed me
enter my heart
and take me away -
         take me inside and far away
Your song so beautiful it hurts
so achingly lovely
my heart swells
a tear meets my lips
where I smile.


I tried something different writing this poem. A favorite piece of instrumental music is a song called "Horizons" which appears on the Genesis Foxtrot album. This song has no lyrics, and no other instruments are playing - it's just a hauntingly beautiful guitar piece that lasts one minute and thirty eight seconds. I wondered what it would be like to "free associate" with this music, so I put on my headphones, hit play, closed my eyes, and rested my fingers on the keyboard. I played the song three times, and touch-typed words and images as they came to mind mind while I listened to the song. Then I opened my eyes, rearranged a few of the phrases, and was done. You can hear the song here:

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