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This is an experiment, so it's rather silly/stupid. Feel free to critique: I need it!!
"Oh no!"
Tiny Tina looked desperately around her, seeking what she knew she'd never find: a way out. A sob rose in her throat, and, out of self-pity and guilt, she let it out with a great bawl. Tears showered the light colored dirt all around her, for that's all there was as far as she could see: even, smooth, and flat dirt. Of course there was the sky, but it was the color of the light colored dirt, too, and a faded blob of sun far up and small, as if hidden by a blanket of brown clouds. You almost couldn't see it because of one other thing. The only other things with her were giant mushrooms, the color of, well, you know. Of course the was Mushroom Wood, where Tiny Tina in this world was even tinier than she usually was in the real world. All these things combined made her situation seemingly bleak.
"If only I'd listen to Perfect Petunia I wouldn't have gotten here!" she sobbed. Fearfully she noted how gigantic the mushrooms were: probably ten times her width and twenty times her height! But of course it could have been much bigger; she just couldn't tell exactly, she was so tiny.
Suddenly, it began to drizzle; Tiny Tina groaned.
She quickly ran under a mushroom and realized she was in trouble: it was not drizzling, it was pouring! In fright, because of the rising (and now dark brown) water, she tried to scramble up the soft, spongy, and detestable stem of a mushroom, but...
"AAAAHHH!" she screamed, and fell into the brown, endless lake that was flowing over her puny head. She flailed in the water like a ....well, like a person who badly needed public attention.
"Save me!" she gurgled, but went under.
She couldn't see it, but a tornado was descending from the clouds right for her. There was some deep, booming laughter resonating in the dome of the sky from the clouds, but to Tiny Tina, it sounded only like the thunder that had knocked her off balance. The tornado sucked up Tina and she was vacuumed into the clouds, terribly wet and dazed. (lol thats all so far...)
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