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This whole story is SUPPOSED to be stupid, and thats why I called it that.
(contd from part 1)
Strangely, Tiny Tina found herself at the top of the clouds, but here they were white and beautiful masses in the blinding light of the sun in its full glory. Her clothes were instantly dried, except for the parts touching the fluffy whiteness.
There were halls of clouds and glowing silence. It was like a castle, almost, and she was at the entrance, overlooking the rolling hills in the sunlight. Where were the builders and owners of so fine and colossal a home?
"Excuse me?" she timidly whispered.
In response, but not to her, a hushed group of excited whispers suddenly echoed behind her in the light-filled hall. In terror she turned and saw wisps of cloud vanishing back into the floor.
"Hellooo?" she asked a little louder.
Again, the whispers began instantly from behind her, at the entrance. She turned, again, to find the floor subsiding.
Terror seized her heart as a wet and cold hand the size of her head made of cloud tapped her shoulder from within the halls.
She screamed and the being behind her with a man's deep voice screamed as well. She turned to see a gargoyle-like man made of cloud from the floor who was gawking at her. Both fled in opposite directions, but the cloud being disappeared into the floor, leaving Tiny Tina alone and "hiding" behind one of the fat cloud pillars of the hall.
A great head with the face of Tiny Tina's popped from the pillar into the little girl's face.
"BOO!" squealed the voice of the head.
In shock, Tiny Tina again screamed as the cloud head shook with laughter, and she turned and bumped into a strangely handsome and tall cloud person, who gently restrained the girl. He cried to the ridiculous laughing head, "Enough of your cruelty! Back to where you came form!"
Immediately, the head sucked itself back into the pillar, and Tiny Tina stared, still screaming, at the tall, kindly cloud person...(bad place to end but i hafta)
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