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Little Red Riding Hood with a twist.Told from the big bad wolf's p.o.v.. Please R&R
Beware of Strangers
I believe it was the red hair that did it for me. I’ve never been one to go for redheads, but this one was different. As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to have her. She caught my eye one evening while I drove home from the office. The neighborhood wasn’t one of the most pleasant in town, so at first glance I just figured she was one of the local "entertainers." That assumption changed, however, as I drove closer; her clothes weren’t those normally seen on a hooker. She was clad in a red flannel shirt and a pair of old, worn jeans; almost, but not quite loose enough to conceal to voluptuousness of her figure. And her hair! In the light one would swear that only blood could produce a red that dark and... intense! It almost seemed to flow down her back before being captured in a loose braid. This was the only view I had of her, yet it enticed me enough to want her.
For days I kept a meticulous schedule, making sure I would pass my little redheaded beauty as she walked down the busy road. The cars would speed past, some letting out an obscene honk while others emitted lewd comments directed towards her; the girl took all of this with amazing indifference. Day after day, her solitary form would slowly saunter its way to her destination. My evening glimpses as I sped by her only fueled my desire, no, my hunger for her. My mind strained to devise some way to meet her. At last, the opportunity arose one stormy twilight as I made my usual commute home from another droll day at work. It'd been coming down hard for some time, and as I approached the railroad tracks where I normally saw my red-haired prey, a brilliant yet risky idea came to me. "Ask her if she needs a ride! Why didn't I think of this sooner?" I asked myself. The annoying little voice in my head answered my question for me, "Because, you dope, she'll think you're some kinda pervert!" Great, I'm having an argument with myself! "Look, it'll work; I can sound sincere. Trust me..." "All right, but it's a bad idea." My conscience sang as I neared her sodden form. Forcing my mind into submission, I slowed my Mustang as I pulled up next to her. I rolled down the passenger side window and the girl jumped back in alarm. "Need a ride?" I asked, looking as concerned as possible. The saturated girl kept on walking.
"No thanks," she replied,keeping her head down as she trudged on.
"This is no weather to be walking in." I flashed her my most charming smile; women just love my smile, they find it reassuring.
"I’m fine, really." "Come on Babe..."
"Look, I don’t need a ride! If you want company, go and find some other girl to buy you pervert," she replied, not even giving a fleeting look in my direction, "I'm not some trick you can pick up!"
"I told you so." My mind unexpectedly quipped; I hate it when my conscience’s right.
"Hey! It's not like that; I'm only trying to be nice. Can't a guy offer a ride to a water-logged girl without being labeled a sicko?"
"I believe the word I used was pervert. It’s so encouraging to know that good ole Chivalry is still alive and kickin’," she replied sarcastically. "Thanks for the offer, but I’m a big girl. I don’t need any help, so buh-bye now!" With that she turned to resume her previous path; and naturally, I followed her, matching her speed easily.
"Look, I’m not trying to come on to you, and it is highly unreasonable for anyone to be out in the middle of a storm like this." The girl eyed me suspiciously. "What, do I honestly look like the Big Bad Wolf or something?" She smiled faintly and shook her head. "Exactly, so why don’t you let me take you to wherever you’re going? It’s not safe for anyone to travel down this road alone, much less a girl like you. Like you said, there’s a lot of sickos...and perverts out here." I reached over and opened the passenger side door as an offer. It worked; she stopped walking and turned to face me. Man, she looked amazing; tendrils of burgundy hair clung to her slightly ruddy face. The black blouse she wore showed off the seductive swell of her breasts and the luscious curve her waist formed as the rain caused it to stick to her sculptured torso.
"Okay, I’ll accept your offer," she said, slipping onto the leather seat. "But I’m warning you buddy, one wrong move, and..." the metal of a butterfly knife gleamed in the dim light, "And you’ll meet my little friend here." The blade disappeared with a minute flick of the girl’s wrist and she slammed the door shut. Hmmm... a twist; I’m always pleased when they do something unexpected... makes it interesting.
"I won’t try anything; gentleman’s honor." I swore, trying to look sincere; I struggled to keep from letting my eyes betray my grin. I tried to end the awkward silence by striking up a conversation. "So," I began as we slowly accelerated down the boulevard, "I’m Gabriel, what’s your name?" I smiled, trying to get her to relax. It didn’t it seem to be working.
"My name’s Danielle." she replied, as she wrung the water her hair out on my newly carpeted floorboard.
"Where to, Madam?" Maybe if I continue to show that I won’t bite, yet, then she’ll come around.
"I’m headed Downtown," Danielle replied with a toss of her mane, sending a spray of water at me. This was getting nowhere, so I tried one last attempt at a conversation.
"Downtown?" I started, "That’s quite a ways away. What’s a young girl like you doing walking all the way Downtown?" I cast a quick but "concerned" look her way as we rode on.
"I’m not that young," she retorted with a slightly offended tone in her melodious voice. "My grandmother lives in an apartment building there. It isn’t the safest place for an elderly woman to live by herself, but Grandma’s stubborn. I walk there after school to visit her; you know, make sure she’s okay and everything." She visibly loosened up as our dialogue progressed. Danielle gave me a sidelong glance and an amused smile appeared on her lips. "So, are you prone to random acts of kindness, or is this a way for you to pick up chicks?" The directness of this question caught me off guard and my cheeks slightly colored upon hearing it.
"Actually, this is my good deed for the day; it sounds kind of corny, but I like to end the day knowing that I’ve helped at least one person each day." I gave a shy smile and peeked over to see if she had bought it; her reaction showed me that she had; hook, line, and sinker.
"Aaww, that’s so kind of you! There ought to be more people like you in the world." And the Academy Award goes to... This is too easy; a challenge? Ha! I was sorely mistaken; this one’s all bark and no bite. Danielle stared off into space, her smooth, crimson lips formed a faint frown, "Oh damn! I forgot that tonight Grandma has her church potluck. No matter, I can still get in. Lucky that I brought my key with me."
We slowly pulled into the parking lot of the rundown complex that was my young companion’s destination. She looked at me with innocent eyes, "Oh thank you Gabriel! You saved me from such a long walk; I would have looked like a drowned rat by the time I got here if you hadn’t picked me up. I’m sorry for being so mean to you at first. I don’t know how to thank you."
"Well, I know of one way." Finally, the chance I was waiting for; I pounced. My hands shot out and grabbed her wrists before she realized my intentions towards her. I forced my weight upon her, pinning her down as I leaned forward; my lips hungrily meet hers. I let go of her wrists; sliding one hand into her blouse, cupping the cold, smooth flesh of her breast. I intertwined the fingers of my other hand in her thick, dark red tresses, firmly holding her in place. My prey let out a gasp; I pressed on, my hunger and force rapidly growing. My mouth forced her tender lips apart.
"No!" Danielle whispered; she grabbed my roaming hand. "Not here, let’s go upstairs," her expression was seductive and her eyes had a mischievous look in them. She smiled wickedly, "Grandma won’t be home for at least two hours. That’s plenty of time for fun." Right you are there my dear I thought as I followed her upstairs to the dingy little flat. As soon as the door shut I was upon her again. This time, however, the girl returned my force and eagerness. "Too bad she won’t survive this," I said to myself, "She’d be fun to have around. In the midst of my excitement, I forgot all about that damn knife of hers.
* * * * * * *
The red and blue lights of the sirens flashed as they were reflected in myriad water puddles in the old parking lot. The dampness of the night brought a chill to the night air; the residents of the building stood aimlessly wrapped in jackets, sweaters, and some even in blankets to fight of the iciness that seemed to be intensified by the atmosphere of the situation. In the center of all this was Danielle, herself wrapped in a blanket, but to cover the bareness of her skin. She was visibly distraught; her grandmother had a protective arm aroun her as the policemen questioned her.
"Why did you get into the car with him in the first place?" the officer asked severely; his partner, a police sergeant, gave him a stern look.
"It-it was raining so hard, I mean it was really comin’ down, And he seemed like a nice guy" Her hand nervously twisted a strand of her red hair as a translucent tear slid down her pale cheek. "I warned him as soon as I got in the car. I even showed him my knife; I don’t know what he was thinking." Danielle sniffled, "I can’t believe I killed him! But he tried-he tried to-" She resumed weeping once more. Her grandmother instantly went to comfort her, as did the police sergeant.
"It’s alright dear," her grandmother cooed, "You did the right thing. You were in danger; he could have killed you! I’m just glad he didn’t succeed." The old woman looked sternly at the police officer. "Are we through with this nonsense? This child has been through enough tonight without you interrogating her like it was her fault. He attacked her! The bastard got what he deserved." She turned back to her granddaughter, "Now if we're done here, I would like to get myself and my granddaughter away from here. Come on Danielle." And with that they walked off to the gray Cadillac and drove off. Heading to Danielle's house, where the girl's parents were en route themselves, Danielle's grandmother once again began to soothe her shaken grandchild. "It's going to be okay child; you'll never walk to my house again that's for sure! I told your mother that you needed a car of your own, now you're guaranteed to get one." She smiled quickly at Danielle before her face hardened. "The nerve of that man! Questioning you like that, like it was anything but self-defense really, what is the world coming to?"
She continued on, but her words weren't heard by Danielle. As she stared up at the red harvest moon, a satisfied smile formed on her tired face. She softly chuckled to herself; she was pleased with her performance, every aspect of it.
"And the Academy Award goes to..." Danielle murmured to herself before closing her eyes to rest. It had, after all, been a tiring journey to Grandma's house.
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