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Loving and loosing .. yet wanting them back
Never ending,
Falling in love,
Make him wait too long.
Body language,
Lips together,
Make him feel oh so strong.
First kiss tasted,
Third time broken,
I just can't hold on.
Changed his mind,
Another girl,
left me all behind.
We're not over,
Time's not over,
Please give me a chance.

Chills multiply as you touch my face,
A love like this could never be replaced,
You stare me in the eyes,
Your heart ups its pace,
And right that moment love took its place,
My heart surrenders to everything you are,
My place in time will go with you,
big green eyes and big smiles,
Makes me never wanna stop.
Reasons why love brought us to the top.
A four letter word that brough me to tears,
Yet somehow you make life endless of fears.
You're with me till the end,
The breaking and the part,
And forever I love you with all of my heart.

Im officialy over,
Its all come to an end.
There's not one guy out there,
That is not just a friend.
I need to feel loved by someone else,
Not by just my friends.
But life goes on,
There's no dead ends,
Tears are'nt worth it eaither,
Friends and my heart say dont quit,
Love is in the air,
Fate will hold out because love is near,
One girl thinks that she has it all,
But cant feel whole till I deeply fall,
Fall in love.

Never ending,
Always there.
Never ending,
You were the one who always cared.
Never ending,
Empty heart wondering,
When does it end?
Never ending,
Empty heart wondering,
When did it start ?

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