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by hippo
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Withdrawal effects from PC breakdown
Thursday October 10th 2002

A disaster has befallen
My stable running life
To you, it may be a small glitch
To me it is true strife.

My PC has decided: sorry
I should say monitor,
To cease its proper function
It has died, it is no more.

Oh dear, oh dear, what shall I do ?
I'm lost without this tool,
How do I stay in touch with the world
How can I stay kool ?

Buy another, I hear you say
And I'd do that if I could,
But the pennies in my pockets
Won't stretch as far as they should.

It looks like I may have to stay
Incommunicado for a while,
But very soon I shall return
Sporting my usual smile.

Tuesday October 15th 2002

The last few days I have been dislocated
From much that I hold dear to me,
Withdrawal symptoms, now quickly subsiding
Are replaced with a screen I can see.

With thanks to the 2nd hand monitor Fairy
I've returned and am now full of glee
There really is no way to stop
Rhyming nonsense flowing from me !

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