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Finally it is done! The ending. Hope you like it....a little...haha
Soon Tiny Tina walked away, wandering far and alone. The clouds began to gather, and she felt raindrops on her head....again.
"Oh NO, not again!" she moaned.
It began to rain heavily and she searched all over the dull, treeless fields for shelter. Floods rose and Tina was, once again, drowning.
But this time, something in the water caught her and dragged her through the growing seas towards some tall rock. The thing plopped Tina on it and behold......
"A mermaid?!" cried Tina.
The mermaid was a gorgeous blonde. She smiled sweetly. "Yes I am! My name's Merylin!"
Tiny Tina hollered over the noise of the rain, "Do you know how to get out of this place?"
The mermaid giggled in a girly way. "Of course I do!"
There was an awkward pause.
Tina said, "Well, then can you show me?"
The mermaid proved to be brainless and incredibly ditsy. "Well, I don't THINK so, honey, only because," she sighed, twirling her golden hair, "Only because, well, I just---don't FEEL like it." She laughed merrily and shrugged. "You know?"
Tina wanted to whack her head on the rock incessantly.
"Please?!" she begged.
"Um, naw, not today."
"Well you're not very nice! Take that!" The mermaid witlessly splashed more water on the girl and pouted as she swam away through the rising waters.
"HEY!" Tiny Tina shouted. "Hey, come back!"
Suddenly the rain and noise stopped and Tina saw the sun breaking through Cloud Halls. It warmed and dried her very nicely, and she actually smiled.
A little bird was flying around and spotted the isolated girl on the rock. It suddenly felt sad and remorseful, knowing that it had caused much trouble in the land and towards the stranger. Hesitantly, the bird flew over to Tiny Tina's rock and watched her with steady eyes.
Tiny Tina watched it also, and then the bird spoke. "I can get you out of here if you want."
"Really?" Tina asked sarcastically. She knew automatically that this was the infamous Aliddell Bird. "Why should I believe you?"
Aliddell Bird scowled. "I'm the only one who knows the way out."
"So what about the mermaid? She knows, too."
"No, she doesn't."
"She said so."
"You'd believe a senseless mermaid like Merylin?"
"I guess not."
"So how do I know you're not lying and just going to get me into more trouble? Like the time you told the King of---"
"Okay, okay, I admit my wrongs. Say, I'm just trying to help out here."
"But lying so much will lose the respect and trust of others."
"I know. I said I was sorry," the bird muttered, shifting its feet. "Well what about you and Perfect Petunia?"
Tiny Tina narrowed her eyes. "Yeah? What about us?"
"You lied. She trusted you. She warned you."
Defensive, Tiny Tina argued, "I was only wondering! Just curious, that's all! She never let's me try any of her equipment! Anything she creates she never let's me try! I just wanted to see what was so special about her machines and junk!"
"She knew better than you, and still does. She didn't mean to find this place. She told you not to try it."
"She didn't say WHY. She never let's me do anything."
"When will you ever admit it?" sighed the exasperated creature.
"Admit what?"
"That you're WRONG."
"Just be quiet."
"I admitted it! I've done worse things than you!"
Tiny Tina growled and remained silent. Aliddell Bird observed her patiently, waiting for her to do something, say something, but he couldn't tell her what.
Tiny Tina sighed. "I guess you're right."
The bird looked relieved, but not totally.
"I guess I shoould have listened to Perfect Petunia. She DID say it was dangerous and bad..."
Aliddell Bird said happily, "Now hold on to my feet and we'll get going."
"But I'm so big and you're so small!"
"Remember, I'm the only one who can get you out!"
"Oh, all right..."
Together they flew across the vast sea, and after a long time, Tiny Tina fell asleep but her grip never loosened on the bird's feet.
When she awoke, she was lying on a light-colored ground that was covered with looming, giant mushrooms the color of light dirt. The sky was the solor of, well, you know, and the sun was faded and far up and away.
Tiny Tina sat up, with the silence squeezing her with its denseness. She stood and called softly, "Aliddell Bird? Aliddell Bird?"
No answer.
"How do I get out? This is just where I started!" thought Tina. She looked about her.
On the side of a giant mushroom (in fact, the very same one she had attempted to climb on to escape the rain), there was a wooden door.
Seeing no other door on any of the other mushrooms and no other obvious sign of exit, she opened the door and walked in, letting the door close behind her.
Perfect Petunia leapt towards her little sister and hugged her tight. "Well! I'm so glad you got out with that tiny brain of your, because, see, the only way out is if you finally learn something that explains why you got in! But how on earth did you actually realize it on your own?"
"I didn't," replied Tiny Tina. "Aliddell Bird told me how."

THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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