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by Domino
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This one is called Darkeness. Felling low one day and wrote what I felt.
My feelings inside are dark and empty. Coldness fills my insides. I can feel it rushing through my veins and join with my blood. My cold, dark heart pumps it through my body. I feel the change coming over me. I sit in a dark corner in fright. What will this change to to me? I look at my hands as it shrivels to bones. I hide in the darkness so no one can see my change. As the white creatures crawl up my body, they feed on the darkness which is a pond me. I feel the darkness eat my insides out. I lie there on the ground, by the corner in darkness, I fade to nothing. I realize what I have become. As I blend with the darkness and my body blends with the ground. I no longer feel the darkness that I did, but I have become a part of the darkness and joined the emptiness of everything.
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