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He really was a looker... Were my new hormones playing up?
Chapter 1

Anne had just left my cabin after dumping a pile of journals on my table. I was in no mood to go through them.

I got up from my well-upholstered chair and walked up to the huge glass window behind me. The traffic on the road outside was thin. As usual it was threatening to rain. Suddenly I felt discomfort in my trousers as something had moved to a side while I was seated. Not bothered in the least that I was in front of a public road, I adjusted the area at the bottom of my fly to move it to a comfortable position. A woman today has no problem clearly outlining the shape of her breasts in her tight fitting clothes but a man cannot let his bulge show up. In the twenty first century society has become equitable in distribution of double standards across sexes.

The incessant ringing of the intercom interrupted my thoughts. Anne was reminding me of my next appointment. I had to meet, Charles, our Western regional manager to fire him. His sales performance was not too bad. But my memories of him were bad. He had tried to rape me (I will explain shortly!) a little over a year ago during one of our sales conventions. Unfortunately, I was in his room at the hotel, working out the plans for the next day’s meeting and it would have been difficult to prove that I had not encouraged him. It would have been my word against his. I wanted to punish him and now that the situation had changed completely, it was possible for me to punish him ‘legally’.

This change in my ‘situation’ started off at the inauguration of our company's summer swim wear collection a month ago. Then I was the Events Manager of the company, which I now own. Another major change since then was that my soul had moved from the body of a beautiful thirty-year-old woman into that of her 35-year-old male boss, a majority shareholder in this company. I said I had moved because, almost all of my former life was still fresh in my memory.

The inauguration of that swim wear collection had taken place at Niagara Falls. That was when I met the love of my life- a wonderful man called Dave. I was staying at the Holiday Inn and one day we rammed into each other in the rather narrow lobby. He was there on a holiday and had all the free time in the world. One thing led to another. Soon I was spending all my free time with him. I still remember the different ways in which he made love to me. I was a woman then, but the thought of it gives me an erection now. Oh! I know it is all very confusing.

I stayed on for another two days at Niagara, after the official event, as Dave's holidays were not yet over. For those two days we had a whale of a time. When it was time to leave, we decided to drive down together to New York.

It was an accident, which should not have happened. Our car was in the cruise mode on the highway. Some crazy incompetent fellow tried to overtake us and we got pushed off the road. I could hear metal and glass being crushed. The protective air bag was up against my body as I passed out.


Chapter 2

"Forgive us lady!" I could see nothing but could hear the voice very clearly. "We know you cannot see us. To make it easy for you, you could think of us as death angels! We have to admit this to you now. You and your friend were wrongly selected for death. So to make amends we decided to give you a fresh lease of life. First we tried to put back your friend into his body. But just as we were about to put him in, the officers of the highway patrol felt his pulse and declared him dead. We were in a fix. We did not want to cause a miracle or take away a life wantonly. So we quickly put his soul into your body, as your pulse was still unchecked. Now we have a problem… what we should do with your soul."

Though I could not see anything, I found I was able to communicate with the voice effortlessly. "First of all tell me what happens to Dave now."

"He will have no problems. He has no memory of his life as Dave but has all your memories as he survives in your former beautiful body. He will function like you except that he may dream occasionally of having been a man."

"So what happens to me now?" I asked the voice.

"The problem with you is that in our confusion with Dave's life, we have lost precious moments and cannot any longer erase from you your memories of your former life. We cannot also provide you with Dave’s memories, as they have been lost irrevocably. "

"That means I remain dead before my time". I tried to put anger into my voice.

"Well! Not exactly! We can you give you a body that is dead but is still warm, but you will have two memories and two sets of values to deal with. You can however live a full life but you are barred from telling anyone your secret. You will be tongue tied even if you tried."

"That is really wonderful. My memory is with me as well as with my boyfriend, which makes both us heterosexual. But since he is a girl now, how do you expect me to carry on with him or expect him to carry on with me?"

"Yes, we can see your problem. Would you consider giving him up?"

"I don't think you are being fair..."

"We agree. Would you mind being a man?”

After some hesitation I said, "Yes! But I sort of like my present job and company..."

"That is simply marvelous. Your boss who is also the major shareholder of your company has just had a heart attack and is about to die on the floor of his bathroom. Can we just put you in there?"

I wanted to be alive and be with my Dave at any cost. Considering he was now a normal heterosexual woman I had no choice but be a well-heeled able-bodied male! That way I stood a chance with him.

When I accepted the offer, the celestial voice told me, "It will be done in a second. But remember, Dave will never know anything about his former existence as a man. He will actually miss Dave who is dead for him now. He is Rosalind now and you are George. For your body, Rosalind's memory and values will be in command but much of George's memory and values will linger in the sub-conscious"


Chapter 3

All this had happened a month ago. Now I had become George McNeil. I owned the company, which I, as Rosalind Arnold, had worked for. My boyfriend was now my female employee and he was in the hospital recovering from the fractures sustained in the accident. His male body was now dead and buried. He could never know who I was, and that I was madly in love with him. I had visited him several times at the hospital and sent him get-well cards regularly and the feedback was that he was touched by my concern as his/her boss.

But I had another problem. Well it was not really a problem. I just needed to work on it. George had been going around with half a dozen girls before his 'death'. Apart from his regulars, George also had a roving eye. Anyway while Dave recovered in his female body, I had to work hard to reduce George's involvement with females.

But one thing that was a strict no-no with George and me was messing up with employees. Not that he was not tempted by the boobs and butts of his employees, but he maintained an iron control over himself.

So when it came to dealing with Charles, the western regional manager, I found my two memories to be in absolute sync. This guy had clearly violated both George's rules and Rosalind's femininity. But Charles still did not know what was going to hit him.

"Hi George." He boomed as his large figure walked into my office. When I saw him, I had great difficulty controlling my anger. I wanted to first sew his fat lips, which had tried to kiss me when I was a girl. Then I wanted to bobbitt him. I had already sent out the word to all my contacts in the industry about the guy's character. Now he was a total pariah as far as fashion industry was concerned.

With difficulty I controlled both my inner selves and politely asked him to sit down. It took me less than an hour to demolish the guy and throw him out of my office. I was amazed at my own ruthlessness and the power which my current position gave me.

Chapter 4

Some more months passed. Dave had fully recovered and now sat in front of me in my office. Though he looked every inch a woman, part of me found it hard to think of him as anything but Dave. As he shifted his position while talking to me, I tried hard not to stare at his shapely knees left exposed by the fashionable miniskirt. That was probably the George in me who was responding. Dave's pert breasts straining against his white turtleneck were a further distraction. He really was a looker... Maybe my new hormones were playing up as well? In a way I also felt good that Dave had something of me, which he could be justly proud of.

"George, I am grateful to you for all the support during my hospitalization." He was saying with a soft sweet musical voice accompanied by an alluring smile, which played itself on his highly kissable pink lips. His shoulder length hair framed his lovely dimpled face.

"Oh come on Rose. You deserve every bit of it. Both the well done launch at Niagara and the news about your accident had given us excellent publicity and our swim wear market share has now gone up to 25% this month."

For a moment there was a touch of sadness on Dave's face as he remembered the accident and the loss of a boyfriend. I could not tell him that nothing really was lost.

Since he was in front of me, his boss, he struggled hard to overcome the emotion. The moment passed and the lovely smile returned to his face. He got up to shake my hand and congratulate me on a recent favorable mention of our company in the business press. I came around my desk to hold his hand. Now I stood facing the new Dave, fully recovered and sufficiently rested. My eyes took in his feet clad in three inch heels, his shapely legs, the hem of his skirt resting a couple of inches above his knee, his ample hips and his narrow waist. As he stood up, his firm and large breasts stood up along with him. His extended hand with manicured and polished nails was delicate and feminine. I held his hand and shook it gently.

Then I put my hand on his shoulder and guided him to the coffee table set in the darker part of my office. I did not want the reactions in my trousers to become too obvious to him.

I poured out some coffee for both of us and we sat down in the cushioned chairs and sipped it for a while. While chatting with Dave I made my decision. George's values had won this round. I could not afford to fall in love with an employee.

At last I said it. "Rose, I have something special to say to you."

While he looked puzzled, I continued, "I am making you my partner. I think you can put up the minimum capital, which is legally required. You will take care of the Swim Wear division all by yourself and work closely with me. Your office will be the one next to mine."

Saying so, I took him across to a connecting door and let him into his new office.

I could see that I had made Dave very happy by my offer. He walked up to his new table, turned around and pirouetted across the room and hugged me. I could feel his soft body against mine. My heart ached with the realization, that at the moment he was responding with the normal glee of a professional woman whose worth had been recognized by her employer. Would he ever accept me as a husband in his new life? At the moment, my love was totally one-sided. I was also responding uncontrollably to his womanly charms. I realized that apart from all other things, I really wanted to take him to bed. I felt funny about the thought, but something inside my trousers was telling me repeatedly that it was a highly desirable thing to do!


Chapter 5

My meeting with Dave left me dazed. His beautiful body and feminine charm had affected me more than what I had thought possible. I was just ready to lose the celibacy, which I had practiced since becoming a man. I could no longer concentrate on any work for the day. I decided to call it a day. I called Anne and conveyed to her that I had made Ms. Rosalind Arnold my partner and she should take care of the paper work to regularize it. Anne was as inscrutable as ever but I suspected her pending curiosity about the recently refurbished adjoining room was set at rest.

Even as I was giving instructions to Anne my direct line started ringing. Anne picked it and said, “ Hi! This is Mr. George McNeil’s direct line. Can I help you?”

“Hi! Karen here. Anne, you can’t help me because I need the man now. So be a darling and press that button in front of you so that I can speak to George. And, please don’t tell me that he is in a meeting.”

Anne closed the mouthpiece and whispered, ‘Karen…’

My memory kicked in. It was one of the half dozen girls from George’s life whom I needed to take care of. I winked at Anne and took the receiver from her. She handed it over to me and left the room. “Hi Karen! What is up? How come you are talking to me during working hours?” I tried to sound just a bit annoyed.

“Don’t you give me that shit about office hours? You did not have the decency to call me up for my birthday today. It is midday now and I can’t wait any longer for you to find time. I am sure all your machines and your secretary must have reminded you several times already…”

I tried to pacify her but the woman in me knew I would not succeed. At a point I felt like telling her to go to hell and bang the phone. I realized that would not do any good for my image. Some gossip columnist was bound to pick up the vibes and send in a report. After all Karen too was a well-known jewelry designer.

Instead I started blowing kisses into the phone and instantly I could feel Karen melting. She lovingly threw in a few abuses over the phone and the crisis passed. We agreed to meet in the evening along with a few other friends at Karen’s place.

Since becoming George I had understood that part of my social charm was based on the fact that I was an unattached male. It was certainly good for my business. By being seen with different women on different occasions I could keep myself in the columns and let everyone make their guesses about me. Women celebrities like Karen adopted the same kind of strategies.

Four of the five other women associated with George turned up at the party with their escorts. I was sure some of the people serving us drinks were carrying cell phones with camera. News would be going out about our gathering. None of us was unhappy with this surrogate coverage. As most of us were settling down with our drinks, Karen came down the stairs specially dressed for the occasion. All heads turned to see her. She glowed in the middle of the hall in an elegant, shimmering evening dress, looking beautiful and radiant. I could see that she was satisfied with the image that she had managed to create. She noticed me in the gathering and smiled. I moved to her and kissed her hand instead of hugging her. She too curtsied me and a light laughter passed through the gathering.

Now that I had moved under the light with her, I could see that the cake was being wheeled in. The crowd sang "Happy Birthday," and Karen managed to blush like a little girl as she cut the cake. Once again I felt the double response, which had become my norm for dealing with many an issue in my life. Rose in me could see that Karen was putting up a fine display to attract George. But the George in me was definitely feeling charmed.

Some part of me felt foolish as I asked Karen whether she had made a wish. She said she had and I more or less knew what she had wished for. I teased her saying I had wished for a song from her and she readily went to the piano and sang and played for us.

The party continued late into the night. The external help left us after dinner and all of us began to relax. No one knew who had left and who was still around. Since all those who left would bang the door before leaving, security was assured.

I found Karen was in my arms and we had moved into her bedroom. I had not planned on sleeping with her. Suddenly a thought passed through my mind that I had to try out and get used to my male body before I moved in with Dave. During Dave’s illness I had kept away from sex but observing Dave’s healthy and sexy body had turned me on so much that I now craved for a woman.

I knew that George and Karen had had sex on three or four occasions earlier. I looked at Karen with interest. She was a bustier than Dave. She got out of her dress as I watched her. She took her time to do that and it was having the desired effect on me. She teased me for being unusually shy as she came close to me, wearing nothing. I was quite surprised at the way my dick sprang out when she undid my fly and pulled down my Jockey.

“It is OK dear, no need for protection today…”Karen cooed.

Rest of maneuvers were lost in alcoholic haze, but the feeling of entering her and ejaculating into her for the first time in my life as a man would linger in my memory.


Chapter 6

After that initiation with Karen, I started taking more interest in woman. I had not counted on such a change in my behavior. I started observing woman wherever I went. Especially when I went jogging in the park I could not prevent myself from looking at those healthy female specimens who were either jogging on the same track as I or exercising on the grass on the sides. For hours I would remember the globular shape of their breasts, the roundness of their bottoms and the curves of their waists. What was more annoying was the fact that I was getting erections merely by thinking of them. Being a man was not as easy as I had thought.

There was another angle to the whole matter. I felt I was being disloyal to Dave.
Even assuming that the female body was of tremendous interest to me now, Dave as a woman had all which my male hormones could ask for. I soon came to the conclusion that having seen my beautiful Dave had whetted my appetite for a steady companion to such an extent that I had to have him quickly if I was to overcome my obsessions.

Dave had settled down well as my business partner. Our work relationship was blossoming very well. He was working at a feverish pace to prove to me that I had done the right thing by making him my partner. He had earned the reputation as a man-eater among his sub-ordinates. But with our key customers, he would use his feminine charms to achieve exactly what he wanted. He had learned to be coquettish with the bulk purchasers and had most of them eating out of his hand. Much of the money, which he earned, he spent buy his designer clothes. He never missed the opportunity of being photographed with the successful and the handsome. I was not surprised to see Rose’s name appearing in society columns.

One evening he turned up in my office wearing a stunning gown. I could not take my eyes off his cleavage. He noticed my stare and said; “Now I am convinced that my evening will be successful. If I can turn you on, I can turn on anyone.”

“What makes you say that?”

“I know you don’t ogle at the women in your workplace. If you are staring at me means I must be looking stunning. I did not believe it when my hairdresser told me that this afternoon. In fact I just lost a bet. I had told him that you would show no reaction if I turned up in front of you like this…”

“Hey! Don’t say that. You make me feel I don’t appreciate the good things of life. Besides, you are not my employee. So the rule of not looking at women in office does not apply to you. Would you mind if I say that you are making me horny as of now.”

“Oh! That is very sweet of you to say that. Say, why don’t you join me for this evening’s show. You can see how many guys I turn on to make money for you. I am sure you know that you make more money out of my work than I myself do.”

Saying so he came forward and hugged me in a very girlish way.

True to his word, Rose was a great hit at the show. I was amazed at how some of the hard bargainers were practically drooling in front of him. Depending on the importance of the person he would unleash his charms. But at no point he would he do anything, which would give the men a feeling that he was an easy lay.

I was really proud of the way my Dave had turned out to be a woman. Perhaps he was no different than what every successful woman entrepreneur has to be to survive in the business world full of men- never let them forget that you are every inch a charming woman who is not available for the bed. They will keep coming back like demented gamblers thinking this time around they would win.

Dave knew the power he held over these men. As he shimmered around in his figure- hugging gown, men stopped talking among themselves and moved to make way for him.

It was a heady night and as I escorted him out of the auditorium a little past midnight, he let me hold him at his narrow waist as he swayed a bit with all the wine he had consumed during the evening. Anything I said to him now, set off a giggle in him.

Most of the guests had left by the time we came out. Till wee hours, our staff would take care of the confirmed alcoholics left behind. We waited all by ourselves on the dark porch for our limo to reach us. The ushers had gone inside after calling in our chauffeur on the public address system.

An insignificant noise alerted me and I saw a masked guy advance rapidly towards us from the shadows. I sensed danger and placed myself between the stalker and Dave. Soon a shot rang out and the bullet whizzed past my ears. The attacker was very near now. I managed to kick him in his balls as the next shot rang out. There was a third shot, not from the stalker but from the security personnel of the auditorium who had turned up briskly. The attacker fell down and was clutching his knees yelping in pain. It was only then I heard Dave screaming his head off.


Chapter 7

The security personnel managed to capture and immobilize the attacker. I recognized him. It was Charles, the western regional manager whom I had sacked couple of months ago. The loss of his job and prestige had made him crazy. As he was taken away, he kept shouting obscenities at Rose and me. No doubt he held us responsible for his current plight.

After all a lot of screaming, Dave seemed to calm down. A few sobs escaped his delicate lips as he held on to my arm. As we walked to the waiting Limo, he tripped on his high heels and was about to fall. When we reached his apartment, his eyes clearly told me he wanted me to accompany him in. To make it easy for him, I offered to go in with him. He readily agreed.

As soon as we were inside his apartment, he kicked off his heels and rushed to the sofa, lay down on his stomach and started crying uncontrollably. Slowly it began to dawn upon me that I had before me a normal young woman shaken by the events of the evening and I needed to be the supportive male.

I went near and held her shoulders and kept saying ‘It is alright; it is over.’ She seemed to be in trance as she kept saying ‘Dave’ as she continued to shake violently. She did not seem to be aware of my presence.

Slowly the sobbing ceased and she regained control and smiled at me weakly.

“I am sorry”

“ There is no need to say sorry. You needed that outburst. I can see you still miss Dave…”

“ Yes George! I have not talked about Dave to anyone. I have been bottling it all up…”

“Would you like to talk today? I am all ears if you are up to it.”

“Yes George! I think you are more a friend now than a partner… I can’t still believe that Dave is dead. I have a strong feeling he is still alive.”

“I would agree with you, Rose. In a way he lives within you. But then don’t we all need to move on with life?”

Rose smiled and got up from the sofa. She went into the washroom and was back in the next ten minutes completely refreshed. She had changed into a comfortable pair harem pants and a tank top.

“Do you think I need I new boyfriend?” She smiled at me as she came into the room.

Without waiting for my answer, She answered on her own. “May be that is it! But before I even think of it, I want to commemorate Dave’s memory in some way. What do you think I should do?”

“I think you can change your name to Davina. What can be a better way than that.”

She thought for a while. “I think that is wonderful idea. George, you are turning out to be a wonderful friend. I don’t think I can thank you enough.”

“Oh! Now that is enough. How do you feel now? I am quite willing to spend the night here.”

“I know it is not fair on you, but I think I will like that…”


Chapter 8

No one minds a favorable press. When the word got around that Rose had changed her name in memory of her late boyfriend, the press lapped it up as a wonderful human-interest story. Davina managed to appear in a few talk shows and it worked out quite well for our range of lingerie. Smart businesswoman that she was, Davina lent her name to a new and high priced range from our company.

Business boomed and soon a business school called us over to conduct a seminar on “The ethics of converting personal events into business opportunities.” After we had concluded a day of relentless debate with a group of brilliant and uninhibited students, we moved on to an evening of socializing with them on a boat at the riverfront.

Davina was dressed in a most attractive way for the evening. As I escorted her to the party I could not help stop looking at her beautiful body dressed in the figure-hugging dress. For the students she was a heady combination of beauty and business acumen. They thronged to her and wanted her opinion on every possible thing under the sun.

Davina exuded charm all along. At close one young thing walked up to us and said very sweetly, “Today we discussed converting personal events into business opportunities. What about the corollary? What do you think of converting business associations into personal relationships?” Davina and I immediately knew the full import of the question being asked. We smiled at each other and promptly launched into the impropriety of looking at employees for personal relationships. But the young thing was smart as well as lovely. She agreed with our views but wondered if our logic would extend to clients and partners. I dodged the question and turned to Davina and asked her, “Do you think partners are exempt…?” All present started laughing and the question remained unanswered.

As we traveled up the elevator to our floor at the hotel that night, I found Davina to be contemplative. I asked her if something that was bothering her. She said, “George! Nothing is bothering me. I have been only thinking about the corollary angle…”

I could feel my heartbeats quicken. I felt like a teenager. Was this the moment?

The elevator stopped on our floor. I followed my sweetheart as she sashayed to her room. I waited for her as she swapped the key card at her door. We saw the green light go on at the lock. She turned the knob to open the door. As she pushed open the door she turned to me and said, “George, you had better come in.”

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