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by Shaara
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Love cannot be a science experiment. It defies logic.
The magical lens of a lover's vision
has captured me within its colored prism.
With love illuminating every side,
Kaleidoscopic scenes I seek to divide
to examine the reasons for my love of you.

Like a dancer I'm twirling amid the views,
reviewing scenes, checking proofs, seeking clues,
looking in, peering through windows of your soul.
Is it your beauty, your joy? What makes the whole?
I ask the questions, but I get no replies.

Volumes of your love rest in my inward self
where emotion is kept on a centered shelf.
Fragments of love, captured like words of a poem,
but an incomplete set without every tome.
I search the collection still looking for whys.

If a reasoning mind could stop blaming hearts
and separate love into component parts,
remove desire and examine each act
to cast out emotion and strain for the fact,
perhaps, there would still be no answers at all.

Then an idea, fresh as a blossom -- I pause.
Dissection in science determines a cause,
yet love is without a logical basis.
It can't be tested in typical cases.
It's impossible to state why I love you.
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