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Questions with no answers . . .you just say, "Hhmm..."
Some light thoughts, and serious considerations,
and every where in between

To begin with, may I trade in my credit score for my old SAT score? I need real life help. Wasn't common knowledge and education supposed to help? Geez . . . where I could have been, should I have taken another road? I take the one not taken by choise, but that's just me.

On a worldly thought on humanity, how in the hell does Keith Richards, never absent from fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger, still manage to be alive? He received a Lifetime Achievement Award in June 2011. Is his end in sight? No, I'm an optimist. Keith Richards will be playing rock and roll for the radiated roaches that live through that final nuclear blast. Just my opinion.

On a bit more serious vein, how do celibate priests, Bishops, Cardinals. . . all the way to The Pope, KNOW how to counsel intimate male/female interpersonal problems? Doesn't practice make perfect?

And why won't the Roman Catholic Church let women in? And what would The Virgin Mary have to say about it? Does Gloria Steinam care?

Why did John Lennon have to be the first Beatle to go? Why do I feel like Paul McCartney will be with us way past 64?

Did Princess Di become involved with (Muslim) Dodi Fayed, in some small way, to rebel against her regal husband,
their majestic nation of tradition,
and the stodgy old Church of England--
by thumbing her nose at the perspective of "Anglo-Christian" cultural propriety? Or was she just being herself?

*Sick*Out of all the unidentified, land mines laid out over the face of the earth, waiting to explode like an icky pimples, why can't Howard Stern find one in the pit of his path?

Why do they call them "infomercials" instead of "sellomercials?"
If they did, would we buy more, or less? Has George Carlin spoken of this yet?

On "Gilligan's Island," why do the skipper and Gilligan always wear the same clothes, while the passengers--who were on a "three hour tour"--wear a different set of clothes on every episode?

Does this revelation mean I should apply for a job at TV Land, or do I watch television with too critical an eye? Am I a TV junkie?

While watching old Saturday Night Lives, with Jimmy Fallon--and how often he cracks up--I wonder, could HE ever be a method actor? Would anyone pay to see Fallon do Godfather?

If a pathological liar can't help lying, is it wrong to lie to him?

When you have a lot of people in a waiting room, why are there no waiters? (Carlin)

If you drank a stomach-full of soda (Coca Cola), and then swallowed a dirty penny, when it maneuvered out of your body, would it be shiny? (I'm not responsible if you try this.)
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