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by Shaara
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The tension between the pitcher and batter was intense...
Writer's Cramp: Write a story or poem about the classic duel between Pitcher and Hitter. (Opening Day at the Baseball Park)in 24 hours...


                    That Day at the Baseball Park

                   It was opening Day at the baseball park.

                   The field was full; it was after dark.

                   The pitcher gripped the baseball's seam.

                   The crowd had just begun to scream,

                   When Pete, the hitter, fouled the ball.

                   The fans rose up in mutinous squalls.

                   “Cream that pitcher,” they shouted loud.

                   But Sammy smiled, and gave them a bow,

                   The ball gripped tighter than ever before.

                   Pete wiped the sweat from palms once more,

                   As the two of them stood, eyes on eyes.

                   While in the stands no words were cried,

                   Everyone felt the two boys' strain.

                   Two strikes down, would Pete miss again?

                   A sinkerball zoomed extremely low.

                   Pete let it pass; it just missed his toe.

                   Crowds erupted in strident jeers.

                   No one gave out a single cheer.

                   But Pete did not appear to hear.

                   His lips grew fierce, and then he sneered.

                   The ball returned to the pitcher's mitt.

                   And once more Pete prepared to hit.

                   Clutching the bat, he took up his stance.

                   His face grew stern; his arms advanced.

                   The crack of the wood was like a blast,

                   And Pete was a streak, running fast.

                   He made it to first, second, and home,

                   Won the game and his name in chrome.

                   The crowd exploded into jubilation.

                   Sam held back his tears of frustration,

                   But then he smiled, gave a half-hearted shrug,

                   And turning to his brother, he gave him a hug.

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