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A boy amd his Dragon
I remember now, as i curl up in my gaurdian stature - about Ewin and that night i met him. He is now in the stars, where i will soon be. If it had not bee for Ewin i would not be able totell you this. It was so cold that night.

I was flying one night over the Highlands of Scotland, when to my amazement white balls of soft ice fell from the sky (i later found out it was snow). The balls of ice became more and more frequant and more and more heavy until they were more like rocks than anything else. To be honest with you if it had not been so important for me to leave the gaurdian shrine i would not of done. I decided to land, but... Alas! I could no longer see through the snow.
Just then a huge ice ball seered through my left wing. The pain ran through my scaly body like a red hot skewer. My brain could not focus properly. I fell. Down, down into the pit of white. Suddenly i hit an extremely hard something. Below me was a great crash. Slipping off the roof that was the hard something i landed on the slippery cold ice. A boy emerged from the house. The first thing the boy said was,
"Cor, there's a dragon in our garden."
I went blank after that. Ewin, that hopeless, bullied boy of ten, although his mother was ill and dying, he healed *me*, he cured *me*. Even though it was me who was supposed to be looking after him. For i was, am and always will be *his* gaurdian dragon. As i lie here now, i remember his first words to me.
"Who are you? Are you here to cure mother?"
"I am Pingalangra Shalng Ho. Ping for short. I believe i am your gaurdian dragon."
"My dragon!" he gasped, "I thought they *ate* humans!"
"Not Chinese Gaurdian Dragons." i was rather ruffeled by what he thought. Was it not the Scottish who had my great aunt resting in the land. "What is your name?"
"I'm Ewin."

I will never forget that. He had such a rough time at school. I went with him occasionally.. The place was such a shameful place. It was called St. James and i believe even Ewin hated it less than me and he went every day.

"School today Ping." he told me and smiled grimly.
I streched and yawned. A small smoke ring blew out my nose.
"You coming?" he asked me.
"Of course i am. I am your companion."
"No Ping. We're best friends, if you like we're great allies, the best of companions."
"Yes, we're best friends."
We breakfasted and i shrank so i could sit on Ewin's shoulder. When we finally arrived the school was still not open. Five boys surrounded Ewin and i. They did not realise i was there but that was the point. They began to close in on my friend. Ewin glanced at them all in turn. He new that he a year five could not withstand five year eights alone.
An older boy who was the apparent leader entred the ring and threw the first punch. Soon after Ewin was on the ground with his arms protecting his face. Five to one i decided really was just too vile for words. I began to grow. The boys ran back when they saw me. I snarled and blew a small flame at them. They screamed. I shank again.
Everyone was laughing. Not at Ewin for once but the bullies. Finally the tables were turned.

I remember when Ewin's mother died of cancer. He was fourteen and for a while was so depressed he never left the house and so no body found out. I remember how i awoke him and made him happy again. How he loved flying, dipping and gliding.

Ewin was crying until he had nothing left to cry. And then he cried again.
"Ewin?" i crept onto his shoulder.
"What is it Ping?" he sniffed.
"A first flight is a dragons pride."
"you mean..." he gasped.
"Yes i mean we're going to fly together."
We flew for hours. Just enjoying the endles rivers and valleys and blue oceans and green meadows.

Now i'm flying again. I am going to pass up to the stars and to Ewin once more.

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