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Unusual surroundings add to the erotic appeal of an incident...
The train ride

I am one of those who do not sleep well on overnight trains. Despite the fact that the lower berth on which I was lying was comfortable, I was half awake. In addition, the train was passing over a bad section of the track. There was a lot of sideways movement. Suddenly I felt very thirsty and sat up to drink a little water. As I leaned forward to reach the clamp by the window which held my water bottle, something hit my face. It took me a moment to realize that it was the dangling hand of the man sleeping on the upper berth. I felt sorry for the poor guy who was sleeping so soundly. I had been talking to him before we had retired and had found him to be a very nice man. I had gone to sleep thinking that one comes across nice men only on trains. Anyway, I gently lifted his hand and rested it back on his berth.

The act of touching his hand and putting it back where it belonged, made me fully awake. Even as I lay down on my berth, I could not shake off the sensations that his rough hairy wrist had created in me. It was a long time since I had touched a man or been touched by one. Of course you must discount the meaningless shaking of hands which we indulge in.

A few minutes passed. The hand had once again left its comfortable location on his berth and was dangling down. In the dim light of the cabin I could see that the fingers on the hand were opening and closing in a rhythmic fashion, clearly telling me that the owner of the hand was also now awake.

I waited for a few minutes to make sure that it was not some unconscious movement wrought by sleep. But the signaling had a steady rhythm to it. I tentatively extended my hand to touch his and was promptly rewarded by having my finger held firmly.

As he tugged on my finger, I got up and sat on my berth. His hand found my face and traced lines on it. As one of his fingers reached for my lips I took it in and started sucking on it gently. As I sucked his finger, I felt his other hand reaching out and stroking my hair.

My body was beginning to feel the heat. My nipples had hardened and I was wet between my legs. I stole a glance at the opposite upper berth. An elderly man was snoring there. The lower berth opposite to me in the four-berth coupe was empty.

I tugged at his hand, which was stroking my hair. In seconds, he was beside me on my berth! He hugged and kissed me passionately as we lay down with a single blanket covering us. As he sucked at my breasts, I reached for his erect manhood and prepared him for my juicy wetness.

When I woke up the next morning, I found he had already left the train. Maybe we will meet in somewhere, sometime...
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