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Assurance to the beloved that love would sustain, none can thwart it

ONE DAY—a ghazal

I will be with you one day;
Life we will have new one day.

Though life is now full of pain,
Woes you will have few one day.

This gloomy spell will be gone,
The sky will be blue one day.

From prickly thorns will spring forth
Tenderness of dew one day.

Even though life is dull now
Bright will be its hue one day

Those who want to thwart our love,
Their fate they will rue one day.

Khalish just have faith in God.
He will change the view one day.

• Written as a ghazal consisting of a series of potentially independent couplets [each being potentially regarded as an independent poem in itself] which must have a monorhyme and refrain in the opening line and all even lines. Refrain refers to a recurring word or phrase. Monorhyme refers to a single rhyming word immediately preceding the refrain. Line length in syllables depends upon the poet’s choice but must be constant throughout.For a detailed note on ghazal, please see "WHAT IS A GHAZAL AND HOW TO WRITE IT?.

* The word Khalish included in the last couplet is the pen name of the poet. Such inclusion is a common practice in classical ghazal writing. Khalish is an Urdu word meaning ache or pain.

M C Gupta
5 August 2003
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