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by Shaara
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My brother likes to act real big, but it was me who saved the day!
Writer's Cramp: Use nacho chips, a sock monkey and your weird uncle. Can be a poem (20 lines) or short story (1,000 words.)


My Brave Monkey, Spunky

Weird Uncle Bunky gave me a funny sock monkey.

It wasn’t what I wanted, but I christened it Spunky.

Spunky didn’t do anything but lie around and mope.

So my older brother, Bill, kept calling him a dope,

said I'd given Spunky a name that didn’t fit.

I hated all the teasing and asked him if he’d quit,

but brothers have a way of never ever stopping.

So when my mother said she was going shopping,

I darted down the stairs and hopped into the car.

My mother drove us both, but the store was not too far,

And on the way we saw a man playing a guitar!

We bought some nacho chips and salsa in a jar.

Then started home, but stopped when the auto had a flat.

While Mother started changing it, she cried, "Oh, no a rat!"

It ran beneath the car, scared as it could be.

Mother stood there shaking, and the rat just looked at me.

I tossed my Spunky at it, and the rat went running off.

Mother called me "hero," my brother whispered “Show off!”

I dusted off my monkey and wrote to Uncle Bunky,

And told him all about my brave monkey, Spunky!

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