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This received Honorable Mention in the 'Seusify Me' contest '03. Thanks!
Dinkerville's Purple Pea Stew

Weazlesnorphs and Beezledos, love to eat sweet purple pea stew
All the day and through the night, eat eat eat with all their might
They'll eat it playing fleeterball, they'll drink it throwing skeezervall
Even while they boofus box, near the towering Limelux Rocks!
Or it's really yummy near the shore, off sparkling island Sneezorsnore
Where pretty pink Plumpohips, love to eat it by the ships
Sweet purple pea stew is in demand, and all of Dinkerville eats it when they can
But Weazlesnorphs and Beezledos, love to eat it the most...yes they do!
They can't seem to get enough, of that sweet, sweet purply stuff
Under water or in the air, the 'Snorphs' and 'Dos' just don't care
They've got to have it all the time, no matter whether rain or shine
No matter the color of the day, nothing gets in their tummy's way
Even deep in Burpledebungle, the deepest loudest biggest jungle
It doesn't worry them one single bit, they'll scarf it down right where they sit
So don't try to steal their favorite stew, they'll blow up big and turn bright blue
They'll snort and stomp in terrible tissys, scare you to death with their hissys
Just give it back and apologize, cross your fingers and cross your eyes
Flap your arms like a snookeybird, hop up and down and look absurd
They might calm down from what you do, and say "Wow! You like this stew!
Come on and sit and have some more, please use my flapperspoonafore!"
Hope you're hungry and ready to eat, 'cause this could take a snabhabber's week
Afterall, Weazlesnorphs and Beezledos, love to eat sweet purple pea stew!
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