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A list of my favorite quotes. New quotes are in indigo. Over 6,000 views, thanks!
*Smile* *Bigsmile* *Pthb* *Delight* *Laugh*


*Smile* *Bigsmile* *Pthb* *Delight* *Laugh*


"I spent five years and over $5,000 in counciling to try to save my marriage, only to have two women call me a loser."-a man calling in my favorite radio station and talking about his divorce.

"Why do politicians tax cigarettes while smoking cigars."-a billboard in Dallas

"We were voting for a mayor? Hell, I thought we were voting on beer."- A man on the radio after Laura MILLER was voted mayor of Dallas.

"Now the man who will be forever young, John Dillion."(92.5 KZPS, my favorite radio station. I don't think I spelled Dillion correctly, but if there is anyone out there living in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, ya'll should now who I'm talking about.)

"You're a feminist? Oh, how cute!"-A bumper sticker from a car in Dallas


"I don't think any word can explain a man's life."-A news reporter in the movie, CITIZEN KANE

"Life is what happens to you while your busy making other plans."-John Lennon

"It's something unpredictable, but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life."-Green Day (Time of your life)

"Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get."-FOREST GUMP

"Every human soul is potentially divine; the goal is to manifest the divinity."-George Harrison

"Life is unfair."-From the song, Boss of me, by They Might be Giants

"You see George you really had a wonderful life, don't you see what a mistake it would have been to throw it all away?"-Clarence the angel to George Baily in the movie, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.

"It is difficult to make a man miserable while he feels worthy of himself and claims kindred to the great God who created him."-Abraham Lincoln

"To alcohol! The cause and solution to all of life's problems."-Homer Simpson (THE SIMPSONS)

"On my show I'm the boss and father knows squat! Plus I yell at the kids while Dan just sits there and looks pretty."-Roseanne

"I don't know if there is a God, or a Heaven, but I do know one thing, your daddy is going straight to hell."-KING OF THE HILL

"How come older men can date younger women, but it's wrong for an older woman to date a younger man?"-Roz
"I don't make the rules of dating Roz, I just enjoy them!"-Frasier-FRASIER

"How can we (men) use sex to get what we want? Sex is what we want!"-Frasier-FRASIER


"Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be a bumpy night!"-Bette Davis, ALL ABOUT EVE

"Some people with no brains do an awful lot of talking."-The scarecrow, THE WIZARD OF OZ.

"A toast to my big brother George, the richest man in town!"-Harry Bailey, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE

"Bick, you should have shot that fellow(James Dean) a long time ago, now he's too rich to kill."-GIANT

"My god Norma(Gloria Swanson) wake up! There is nothing tragic about being fifty, not unless you're trying to be twenty five!"-William Holden, SUNSET BOULEVARD

"You see I was her first husband."-Max, SUNSET BOULEVARD (You find out that Max, the butler, was Norma, Gloria Swanson's, first husband.)

"The people will think what I tell them to think!"-Orsen Wells,CITIZEN KANE

"Who are you doing here?"-Steve Martin to his slutty wifes sister in, BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE

"You'll meet them all again in their long journey to the middle."-Philip Seymour Hoffman(Lester Bangs), ALMOST FAMOUS

"You know George a lot of people in this town hate me and I could care less for them, so I guess that makes us even."-Mr. Potter, IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE

"Jack, I always get what I want."-Billy Zane, TITANIC

"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns of all the world she had to walk into mine."-Humphrey Bogart, CASABLANCA

Woman (to Rick): "Where were you last night?"
Rick: "I don't remember that far back."
Woman: "Will I see you tonight?"
Rick: "I never plan that far ahead."-CASABLANCA(contributed by Cuff)

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn!"-Clark Gable, GONE WITH THE WIND

"Come over and see me sometime."-Mae West

"I wonder if she just woke up one day and said, 'I think I'll go to law school today?"-James Garner LEGALLY BLONDE

(A cell phone rings)
"If that's not God calling you better turn that cell phone off."-THE FIGHTING TEMPTATIONS; When a mans cell phone goes off during church

"I'll be richer and I'll have more money then you ever dreamed you could have!"-James Dean to Rock Hudson in, GIANT

"They're all so beautiful! Why don't I have three heads?"-Mozart trying on wigs, AMADEUS

Hoover-"Will you tell those assholes to shut up?"
Boon-"Hey! Shut up you assholes!"-ANIMAL HOUSE

D-DAY-"War's over, man Wormer dropped the big one."
BLUTO (JOHN BELUSHI)-"Over? Did you say 'over'? Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"
BOON-"Forget it he's rolling."-ANIMAL HOUSE

"A mathematical triangle is something two women share for the same man."-Shirley Temple,age 17, THE BACHELOR AND THE BOBBY-SOXER

"I want your blood, and I want your soul. And I want them both right now!-Johnny Ringo, TOMBSTONE

The Clantons,The music lover-"You're so drunk you're seeing double".
Doc Holliday-"That's ok. I have two guns, one for each of ya." TOMBSTONE (contributed by Jedimerc onward to Queensland)

"Watch...your futures end" from STAR TREK FIRST CONTACT. (contributed by TNW facing his demons)

"Don't push your luck"-Sephiroth, in FINA

"Unless a reviewer has the courage to give you unqualified praise, I say ignore the bastard."-John Steinbeck

“My imagination will get me a passport to hell one day.”-John Steinbeck

“Sometimes the Bible in the hand of one man is worse than a whisky bottle in the hand of (another)... There are just some kind of men who - who're so busy worrying about the next world they've never learned to live in this one, and you can look down the street and see the results.”--To Kill a Mockingbird

“It’s never an insult to be called what somebody thinks is a bad name. It just shows you how poor that person is, it doesn’t hurt you.”--To Kill a Mockingbird

"Art is never finished, only abandoned."--Leonardo da Vinci (contributed by Whiskerface)


"My shangri-la beneath the summer moon, I will return again."-Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)

"If there is a rock 'n roll Heaven, we'll you know they've got a helluva band."-Rock 'n Roll Heaven (The Righteous Brothers)

"Mother, you had me, but I never had you/I wanted you, you didn't want me/So I, I just got to tell you/Goodbye, goodbye,"-Mother (John Lennon)

"There was music in the cafe's at night/And revolution in the air."-Tangled Up In Blue (Bob Dylan)

"If you wanna make the world a better place/Take a look at yourself, And/Make the change."-Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson)

"And as we wind on down the road/Our shadows taller than our soul /There walks a lady we all know /Who shines white light and wants to show /How everything still turns to gold /And if you listen very hard /The truth will come to you at last /When all are one and one is all /To be a rock and not to roll."-Stairway To Heaven (Led Zeppelin)


"I invented the Internet."-Al Gore

"Marry Prince William? Sure! Who wouldn't want to be a princess?"-Britany Spears

"I may be drunk, but at least in the morning I'll be sober, and you'll still be ugly!"-Winston Churchill

"He's too cynical for his own good."-Bill Berry when he first met band mate, Peter Buck (R.E.M.)

“When I first saw Mike Mills, he was wearing bell-bottoms, and he had a stupid haircut, and he looked like the nerdiest nerd of all nerds. I said there was no way I’d be in a band with him, because he looked terrible! Obviously I’ve eaten my words.”-Michael Stipe when he first met band mate, Mike Mills (R.E.M.}

“I hated Mike from the first time I saw him, ’cause he had the same kind of nerd appeal that he has now, and I was just starting to experiment with drugs and stuff. He was everything I despised: great student, got along with teachers, didn’t smoke cigarettes or smoke pot.”-Bill Berry when he first met band mate, Mike Mills in high school (R.E.M.)

"Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?"-Jack Warner
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