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by Shaara
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Information must be sorted, melded, and fermented for a novel solution to erupt.
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#554585 by Cappucine

SLAM 2004 topic: Spontaneous Combustion

{Note: combustion also means ignition}


The Ignition of a Solution

The problem turned up like a sunny-side yolk,
Quivering as gelatin, molded in round,
Exposed to the air, prepared to be poked.

If I left it untouched, its liquidy flow
Would not cover my plate with its runny deposit,
But the problem would glare one-eyed and yellow.

So I stabbed at that dome, that eggy Vesuvius.
The dregs of its substance speckled my vest,
Propelling and spewing that yolk on my dress.

I knew such obstacles were rarely restrained,
So with knife and a fork I continued to slice,
Ignoring admonishments of those who complained.

Difficulties often have layers of chaff.
One part was scorched by basely ineptitude.
Another was slippery from evident lassitude.

I analyzed the stratum, layer by layer,
Then I lifted a piece up to my mouth
To allow it to mingle as it slowly slid south.

I chewed and salivated to increase liquefaction,
To blend it with fruits I had eaten before,
Aware that I needed whole body reaction.

And soon all the pieces descended in glides,
Swallowed to process, to churn and refine,
But that brought discomfort from deep down inside.

That yolk of an egg soon caused some disruption
And rushed to the surface in a gaseous eruption
That shattered the air with an embarrassing belch.

But that geyser of gas broke my blinded perception.
Its rude declaration gave perfect reception
To my spontaneous sight of the solution's conception.


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