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Getting Lost Is My Fav
I love traveling very much. The first time I fell in love in it was when I made my second trip to China and Hong Kong in 1997 with my family. We visited China a lot, we traveled almost everywhere in China, always the six of us (oh, how wish I could back to those years when I was so young and my dad was still alive). I think I am the luckiest one, I traveled more than my siblings and friends and to tell you the truth, and I love traveling by myself.

Perhaps traveling alone does seem a little bit “lonely” (and you might consider me as a lonely person but I am telling you now: I enjoy it the best). Or maybe you’ve got a point there. One of my Japanese teachers always travels by himself. He has been almost everywhere in this world (I really envy of him, wish that I could also travel twice every year!). Traveling is one of his ways out of loneliness; well of course he does love traveling.
Another Japanese friend of mine travels a lot too (a few times a year, I REALLY envy her). Well, since she has retired and not married, she has nothing to do but going around the world. Once she told me that she travels much because the living expenses in Japan are so high that she’d rather travel than staying in her country. Surprise? I didn’t feel that much though. I had another Japanese friend that I met when we were studying in China also made the same comment. He didn’t want to go back to Japan (and if possible stay a long as he could in China) because of the living expenses were just too high for him. Well, I couldn’t agree more! I stayed in Japan for 1 year and I had the same problem. No wonder Tokyo is voted as the highest living city in the world.

One of my favorite places is Thailand (it’s so pity that I didn’t make it to Phuket when I was there). But mostly I love durian and its foods. I had so much delicious and cheap durians in floating market (and almost lost my purse because I didn’t stay alert, perhaps because I was too blinded by durians). Compared to those monthongs that sold in Indonesia and Japan, they are 60% and 80% cheaper! Can you imagine that? I was really surprised to see the price of one durian monthong in Japan sold at 3000yen (or almost $30).

But I think my best favorite is Japan. Traveling in Japan is very easy, the transportation systems are great and you can go to every destination around the country with fewer troubles. The trouble comes if you don’t have enough money in your pocket. Japan is expensive, just don’t forget the rule number 1: bring lots of money.
I went to Japan twice. The first time was when I took a one-year Japanese course in Osaka and the second time was two months ago. The most unforgettable view was the one in Mt Fuji. It was all white and lucky us, the view was so clear and so beautiful. The best mountain I’ve ever seen! And the most unforgettable moment was when we had to stay overnight in Hachinohe station in a very cold weather. That was on our way back from Hakodate to Tokyo but because it was too late, we stayed in Hachinohe station (we were too naïve to think that we could stay inside the waiting room in order to save hotel room but never expected the waiting room was closed after 12.30pm). The only food we had was chocolate almond sticks from Fran. We tried to sleep but keep waking up because it was too cold.

To me, the greatest thing about traveling alone is when you get lost. Yes, get lost. Getting lost is the best way of experiencing new things in new places. I always got lost whenever I traveled, not because I intended to, but because I am such a lousy map-reader. For someone who travels a lot, map is one’s best friend. But I just couldn’t cope with it, no matter how hard I tried to figure it out; I always ended up taking wrong routes. Somehow, it never bothered me at all as I always could find new excitement in lost places.

And now I am living in America, where I don’t find many great places or views to travel, because they’re just cities; but I love it - especially this New York City. While I am living here, I am traveling as well. Every weekend is a travel time for me, whether to find a new corner or hunting for foods and desserts, it’s a great place to enjoy.

Living itself is a traveling. No matter where you are or whether you’ve never been anywhere outside your city, just enjoy your days. I always try to go outside when I don’t have to work, and trust me, walking around is nothing but a term of traveling.
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