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by wordsy
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Do you see what I see?

As I sat in the shadows
of the cliffs that surrounds
the little community of writing.com,
I saw the stirrings of the strange dwellers
of this little bit of cyber space.
Occasionally wandering in and out
of the confines of their earthly realm
to relax and seek refuge
from the strains of reality.
Here surrounded by the warm embraces
of those distantly challenged,
they lose themselves in the kindness
of others of their liking.
Strangely drawn through the vastness
of this electronically created universe,
to find that they are not alone
in their thoughts of yearning.
That others too must travel
the trails of troubles,
forever searching the depths
of their hearts in hopes
of finding in others
what they themselves lack.
And it is here I come
at last to lay me down
the burdens of another day.
To share with all,
the joys I find in the warmth
of your company.
And pray that we also
may be blessed by the words of comfort.
And comforted by the words of the blessed.
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