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by Archie
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Presidential Dollar Coin Series Suggestions
Suggestions have been made to rename the Pentagon for President Reagan, and another to place his picture on the Ten Dollar Bill. I support neither. I could support naming a great warship for President Reagan. (OH! That's been done!) Or, if he must become a part of our monetary system, an appropriate gesture, I guess, since he did improve our economy for a lengthy period of time, let's look at a Ronald Reagan Dollar Coin.

Coins are more impressive than bills, and this could also popularize dollar coins, which the treasury has been trying to do, with abysmal results. A Reagan Dollar could be the key to having more people willing to go with a dollar coin. There could even be a Presidential series of dollar coins, with, perhaps, a new dollar coin with a different (non-living) president coming out every three months. The series could start with President Reagan, and then go on with the other presidents in some fashion, perhaps even at random, until all the presidents are covered. The back of each coin could show a significant event from that president's tenure in office. A few examples follow; I couldn't help myself!

President Nixon Dollar Reverse Side: A Tape Recorder

President Reagan Dollar Reverse Side: Berlin Wall crumbling

President Truman Dollar Reverse Side: Mushroom Cloud

President Ford Dollar Reverse Side: Golf Course Scene

President Jimmy Carter Dollar Reverse Side: A peanut

President Lyndon Johnson Dollar Reverse Side: Students Rioting

President F. D. Roosevelt Dollar Reverse Side: Eleanor Roosevelt

President Lincoln Dollar Reverse Side: Crossed Flags, Union Jack and Confederate Battle Flag

President Grant Dollar Reverse Side: A bottle of fine Bourbon

President Eisenhower Dollar Reverse Side: Crossed Golf Clubs

President Kennedy Dollar Reverse Side: Montage of Spacecraft

President Washington Dollar Reverse Side: Accepting surrender of Cornwallis

President Jefferson Dollar Reverse Side: Portrait of Sally Hemmings

President Wilson Dollar Reverse Side: Blank

President Theodore Roosevelt Dollar Reverse Side: Panama Canal

Well, you all get the idea; submit your own ideas, if you care to do so. This could be both fun and informative.
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