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The Innocent Cries is a series of poems dealing with the aftermath of 9/11
This series of poems is written for the innocent who suffer in silence.
These poems tell the story of those innocent tortured souls.
Terrorism, and random acts of violence, are a plague forced upon the innocent ,
and sooo....

The Innocent Cries

My heart bears a burden
of things we've failed to do,
about humanities chaos
in a world that's gone askew.

I can't undo what's happened,
the planes have come to ground,
In cities. and in pastures,
as towers tumbled down.

Now, war wages savagely
in a place so far away.
Still, I hear the innocent cries,
silenced on that fateful day.

I feel the ache from children
whose parents they now lack.
Nothing's left but memories,
but that won't bring them back.

Days once filled with laughter,
joy, and happiness.
Now because of 911
are filled with deep sadness.

Our great nation was created by war.
As a struggling young nation we
fought for our independence and won.
Many brave men lost their lives to give us
the freedoms we now embrace.
War, however is inevitable.
As long as there are power hungry individuals
we will never have peace.
Once more...
the innocent cries.

Under Attack

We've fought in many battles.
We've fought in many wars.
We've even changed the out come,
of other nation's wars.

We've fought amongst ourselves.
We've learned a very good lesson.
We've seen in a different light,
the things that we have messed in.

We've sometimes lost our focus.
We've sometimes lost our faith.
We've sometimes lost our future,
which was a big mistake.

We've been attacked, Twin Towers fell.
We've seen evil men arise.
We've even watched our Pentagon,
expolode before our eyes.

We've seen courage born from desperation.
We've seen our children killed.
We've even seen the bravery,
in that Pennsylvania field.

As our great nation mourned,
our flag was still there.
As our great nation anxiously waited,
our flag was still there.
As our great nation rejoiced,
our flag was still there.
Watchful and proud,
as the great nation it stands for.
God bless our flag and the freedom for which it stands.

The Flag

The flag was flown not quite as high
as it flew on yesterday.
Churches filled with parishioners
knelt on their knees to pray.

As if it knew the flag hung limp
and seemed to understand why.
The people sitting in the pews
all broke down and cried.

A little breeze starts to blow
the flag begins to flutter.
Hope and love starts to spread
as His people calmly mutter.

The breeze picks up a little more
the flag rises even higher.
Then voices sing in harmony
like a heavenly angel's choir.

A gusty wind blows stronger now,
you could see proud stars and bars.
United we stand taller,
there's strength within our hearts.

To the men and women of the red cross your compassion will always be remembered.
You were there when natural disasters struck.
You provided shelter, food and comfort to those who lost their homes.
The people of our country salute you. You listened and you
the innocent cries.


Compassion screams in agony
"Does anyone really care?"
For what man has done across the sea
is carried in the air.

Feelings of hope abandoned.
There's terror in our schools.
A lifeline that's been severed,
oozes blood, and starts to pool.

The sea of red flows each day
increasing in it's size.
A fear, and hatred of others
growing deep inside.

An explosion of emotions
cascades up to the top.
Evil dwells among us,
who can make it stop?

Compassion wakened from it's sleep
starts spreading o'er the land.
Seeping into open hearts,
to lend a helping hand.

The innocent cries of mothers, wives and children can be heard by all, if only we would stop and listen. Sorrow, tears and war go hand and hand. Once a tear is shed in sorrow it cannot be retrieved. The lonely soldier, sheds his tears in the quiet hours, as he thinks of home and as he reads letters from those he left behind. His innocent tears dot the pages, and he...cries.

The Soldier

The soldier carries a heavy load,
there are blisters on his feet.
Weary to exhaustion,
when will he get some sleep?

The sun beats down oppressively,
and makes him start to sweat.
But the champion of a worthwhile cause
has no time to rest.

Many lives depend upon him,
their future's in his skill.
How will he face the challenge
when it's his time to kill?

Will he ever see the sunrise,
and enjoy each glorious morn?
Or will the evening's moonlight,
shine upon his lifeless form?

Reverently he wispers,
and to his God he prays.
"Forgive my sins, I ask of You,
Help me survive another day."

As the lonely soldier prays and looks up
at the heavenly moon. His loved ones
at home are desperately waiting to hear from him.
Many prayers are answered, some are not,
And so...
the innocent cries.

Oh Heavenly Moon

Oh heavenly moon, send down your light,
a beacon for all to see.
Cast aside encroaching shadows,
shine your light for me.

Let stars break through the heavens,
let the winds softly blow.
Send this message to my love
as far as it will go.

My one true love has gone away
to a war that he must fight.
Oh heavenly moon, find him,
tell him this tonight.

Please tell him that I love him,
I LOVE him with all my heart.
Guide him safely through this war
'til no longer we're apart.

The soldier's prayer has been answered, and anxiously awaits the moment
he can set foot upon the shore of the homeland he left behind.

A River's Journey

Silent river, flowing freely,
guide me to my love.
Let the gentle winds that fill the sails
blow from up above.

Guardians of the heavens
make my journey brief.
Let no obstacles befall me,
or bring me any grief.

Oh river if you're turbulent,
and the wind fiercely blows.
Let it speed my journey onward,
where my heart's desire goes.

Happiness will soon onset,
the moment that I see.
My lover standing on the shore,
waiting there for me.

As the joyous soldier returns home to family and friends,
he longingly remembers what home has meant to him.
So many others in his platoon were not so fortunate.
Silently he weeps for them and their families, for he hears their...
innocent cries.

My Home

My home is but a stick frame house
nestled among the trees.
With a porch that smells of lilacs
waifting on the breeze.

Hummers gather nectar,
from feeders in the yard.
A rainbow's bridged o'er the land,
placed by the hand of God.

Bees buzzing past the statues
leading toward my flower bed.
I cast a glance in time to see
a butterfly instead.

The frogs no longer croaking
since the sun had lit the sky.
Shadow's dance among the trees
like strangers passing by.

Sparkling diamonds grace my pond
like jewels fit for a queen.
My home is the most beautiful thing
that I have ever seen.

As the soldier reunites with his wife
and family, his feelings of love embraced.
His passion's fulfilled, his senses
in tune his life can now resume.

The Senses

Fragrant winds, caress my senses,
blow fleetingly o'er my arms.
Cascading melodies, lilting tunes,
entertain me with their charms.

Radiance gleams, enlightened eyes,
are opened to the view.
Savor the flavor of the evening mist,
drink of the morning dew.

Sensitive fingers, long and lean,
I surrender to your touch.
Feelings of hope linger on,
I love you...oh...so much.

Finally at peace with himself, the soldier embraces his religion,
and gives thanks to the Lord for hearing his lonely prayer on the battlefield.
He is grateful to be alive and reunited with his family.

Oh Champagne Moon

Oh Champagne Moon I raise my glass,
please fill it to the brim.
I'll try not to spill a single drop,
my toast it is to Him.

I used to wander aimlessly,
lost and all alone.
Now that I've found You once again,
my faith is now my home.

You brought me out of darkness,
turned blackness into light.
Thank You, for my future,
for now it's looking bright.

I tip this crystal goblet,
drink from the well within.
I've cleansed my empty soul,
and filled my heart with Him.

As the sun begins the motion,
of turning on the light.
Oh Champagne Moon I thank you,
and bid to you...good night.

I hope anyone who visits this site enjoys what I have written. I wrote it from my heart. Although each poem was written separately they seemed to work well as a unit.

I hope all the men and women serving our country
overseas, return home safely and are reunited with their family and friends.
May God bless you all. Super Sleuth
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