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the pain she goes through
Her heart so young,
but her eyes so old
She has seen many things in life,
this she knows

It's not if she wants the attention,
but yet her subconscience yearns for it
It is not her fault for what has happened,
but yet she is blamed

Nothing will fill this hollow in her soul,
it seems as if its impossible
But no one knew how empty she was for a long time,
because she plastered on her smile and her fake personality

One fateful day, she actually broke down
and she wanted actual peace
But she never can get it, now she knows,
because she is nothing but an investment or a punching bag

Now she has no choice about herself
The ironic thing though was the "right" thing she did
She told her friends who made her go to that teacher

I guess it wasn't the right thing for her though,
because it ended up to where she was in hell
All she wanted was to go a million times more,
and be six feet under and finally at rest
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