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by Mitch
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Comedy · #884705
A school project in my first creative writing class. A ballad that makes no sense.

Walking down to the water I went.
There, a turtle, I spied.
I asked to it, "What might you be?"
"I'm a tree,"
it replied.

The tree moved up and went away.
Behind it walked a rock.
The tree then stopped and turned around,
And then it spoke in shock.

"I walk. You follow. Why is that?
Why won't you leave me be?"

The rock then said, "I love you so!
I wish that you could see."

The rock then jumped and died that night.
The tree began to sigh.
"Oh why, oh why, could that not be me?
I really want to cry."

I thought the tree crazed and went away.
I then began to think.
"How can that be, a turtle turned tree?
I think I need a drink."

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