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Halloween Punkin Dunkin

There was a Dink named Dunkin
dressed like a Halloween pumpkin
he ran through Dinkerville
and shrilled a great shrill,
"A scary monster's a comin'!"

"Oh...you Silly Dink Dunkin
cute little red-headed punkin
you're only in fright
it's Halloween night
so really no monster is comin'."

"I tell you I truly saw somethin'
and...it just wasn't nothin'
it's big and it's scary,
ugly and hairy
so that's why I'm a runnin'!"

"But surely you must be a funnin'
about why you are so runnin'
for we've never seen
that such a thing
which you say is now comin'."

"It's true, it's true," cried Dunkin
the frightened, frightened pumpkin
"Soon you will see
‘cause it's after me,"
stated the poor little bumpkin

"A scary monster's a comin'
so I'll just keep my feet runnin'."
And to their surprise
these were no lies
for now the town heard some rumblin'!

So maybe this wasn't nothin'
that came from their little Dunkin
for as he sped past
they spied at last
the monster that caused such a fussin'!

Up the street it came tumblin'
just runnin' and runnin' and runnin'
why it's only a ‘Frath'
done with it's bath
lookin' to eat dinner pumpkin!

The Dinks laughed, "Oh silly Dunkin
why did you dress like a pumpkin?
For the ‘Frath' wants to eat
HIS Halloween treat
and that's why you are now runnin'!"

"Take off that suit naughty Dunkin
naughty red-headed punkin
it's not nice in the least
to tease the poor beast
that's why your feet are a pumpin'!"

So quickly he took off his pumpkin
then he could stop his fast runnin'
The ‘Frath' went on home
and left him alone
now no scary monster's a comin'!
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