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Let's count in Dinkerville!
Ten Little Dinks

The sun has now awakened and it’s time to start the day
And little Dinks from Dinkerville must go outside and play
So let us count these Dinks, even if a few
To see what they have planned…to see what they will do:

There’s one little Dink eatin’ purple pea stew
And two little Dinks that are tyin’ a ‘Do’s’ shoes
Three little Dinks are chasin’ Snookey birds
With four little Dinks scrubbin’ Bisenfrath fur
Five little Dinks are climbin’ Limelux Rocks
And six little Dinks are gobblin’ up some Zops
Seven little Dinks are throwin’ skeezervall
While eight little Dinks play their fleeterball
Nine little Dinks are sailin’ in a ship
So ten little Dinks can see some Plumpohips

We see how they have played and how they had much fun
From early in the morn to the fall of their bright sun
But now the day is over for all the sleepy heads
So it’s back to Dinkerville to sleep in their soft beds!!
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