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Written for the Horror+Love Poetry Contest
Love's First Bite


E C Wesch

Moonbeams glisten on jet black hair,
A sparkle of promise in the air.
Heat of passion's deep in my soul,
Your subtle touch, makes me whole.

In darkness, consummated sin,
Hides his evil, sinister grin.
No boundaries come between the flesh,
As arms entwine, and bodies mesh.

The lust I feel when you are near,
Inflames passion, diminishes fear.
Opened arms beckon to me,
With love's promise of...eternity.

Encircled by a swirling mist,
You came to me with love's first kiss.
Gazing into your coal black eyes,
I cannot tell, it's naught but lies.

A pledge to you I make this night,
As you partake, of love's first bite.
Forever passion fuels the flame,
Escaping the confines, of earthly shame.

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