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This is a tale written for a young child.
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3. Write a vampire story that's appropriate for Kindergarteners.
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Little Velvet Vampire: A Kinder Tale

Velvet was a vampire. She wasn’t a big, mean one. She wasn’t even grown up. She was a just a little kid like you -- except she was a vampire.

One day, Velvet Vampire said rather loudly, “I want to play in the sunshine.”

“Don’t be silly,” said her daddy vampire as he took their black capes out of the closet.

“Vampires sleep during the day,” said Velvet's mother with a yawn because she was just waking up.

“But children play during the day. That's when they have all their soccer games,” Velvet said. “I want to play in the sunshine just like they do. I want to be on a real soccer team.”

Her father laughed and looked at her mother.

Her mother smiled back at him. Then they both looked down at their daughter.

“No,” her parents said at the same time, “Little vampires never go out in the sunshine.”

Velvet pouted. She pouted until her lips turned scarlet red. But her parents didn’t notice. They were too busy cleaning their long, black capes. SWEEESH, their brushes went as they swept all the stray cobwebs away.

This is for a vampire story.
[This is a picture that my daddy made.
He says that I look like this when I pout.]

That night when the moon came out, looking exactly like a big yellow ball, and the night was dark except for that bit of light, Velvet and her parents went for a walk. As usual, they visited the park. Velvet played on the swings. SWOOOSH, the swings went as she rocked herself back and forth. Velvet went down the slide. ZOOOM, her body went as she landed at the bottom. Velvet played in the dark sandbox. SPOOOSH went her tiny, black shovel as she piled the sand high enough to make a spooky, haunted house.

This is an illustration for a vampire story
[This is a picture of the slide and swings.
Daddy drew it, too. He likes to draw.]

The park was great fun, but what Velvet really wanted to do was to play in the sunshine. She wanted to play soccer with other girls and boys. She wanted to be on a real soccer team. Velvet thought about that as she walked with her parents back to their large, haunted house.

When they returned home, Velvet pouted all the way up to her room. Then she lay down in her little, black bed, and she pouted some more. But her mother didn’t notice. She only kissed Velvet goodnight and said, “Boo.” Then her father kissed her goodnight and said, “Boo,” also. Velvet's pouty lips got so big they looked like two little fists.

Velvet sighed UHHHHH and curled up with her hairy spider doll. Even though her lips were pouty as two little fists, she still cried out, "Boo," to her parents. Then she watched as they closed the door. URRRRR, the door squeaked as it shut.

It was getting light outside. Velvet yawned AHHHH. She was very sleepy, but she wanted to talk to her spider a minute.

“Don’t you want to see the sunshine, too?” she asked Spider. But Spider didn’t talk. He had no batteries. He was the old-fashioned kind of toy that was just squishy and soft. Soon Velvet yawned again and closed her eyes.

Spider on a bed
[Daddy drew this picture 'cause I asked
him to. This is my Spider. He's sitting on my bed.]

Night after night went by, and still little Velvet never got to see the sunshine. She pouted often, making her lips look like little fists each time. But it did no good. Her parents only tickled her into smiles. Once in a while, they let her play with the pet bats. But even so, sometimes, Velvet still sighed UHHHH and wished that she could go out and play with the other children in the sunshine.

Then one day, a strange vampire came to the door. “I am starting a night soccer team,” he said. “Do you have any young vampires here who would like to play?”

Velvet jumped up and down. She threw her black cape over her shoulder and waved her arms. “Me! Me! I want to play. Please! Please!”

“Yes," the big vampire said. “I see.” He handed Velvet a black uniform and said, “We’re the ‘Moon Bats’. Bats are our mascot. Do you like the design?”

Velvet hugged the uniform to her chest. “Oh, yes,” she said. “It has black bats flying across a big, yellow moon. Bats are my favorite animals! I can’t wait to be on this soccer team! Thank you, thank you!”

This is for the Stake and Garlic contest.
[This is the picture Daddy drew of my new soccer coach. He's cool, don't you think?]

The next night, Velvet went to the park with her parents. She didn’t SWOOOSH back and forth on the swings. She didn’t SHOOOM her body down the slide. She didn't even ZOOOM her little shovel up and down making large, sandy, haunted houses. Instead, she played on a real soccer team with all the other little vampires in the neighborhood.

Velvet was so happy that night. She was not pouting when her father kissed her goodnight and said, “Boo.” She was not pouting when her mother kissed her goodnight and said, “Boo.” And when the door squeaked shut with a loud URRRRRR, Velvet smiled at Spider.

“You know what?” she told him. “I’m the happiest vampire in the world. I don’t even care if I ever see sunshine, because I’m on a real soccer team now. Then Velvet sighed UHHHH, and as the sun peeked through the early morning fog, the little vampire slipped off into sleep.

This is for a children's story.
[This is the picture Daddy drew to show
how I look now that I'm happy. I think
I look a lot better. Don't you?


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