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This relates to many people. Especially those who have had a friend take your breathe away
I don’t know how I found you
I wasn’t looking for you
How could I be?
How could I ever know the certain tones in your voice,
That would exist only for me?

Where would I find the explorer who would take the time to tread tenderly across my tears, and find her way to the source of my soul--and find herself--so instantly at home?

I never asked to have you in my life, because I neverthought you could exist--a mirror of my heart-- one whose reflection makes me smile at myself.

Where would you be if I were looking for you?
Would I find you in a novel--a dream--a star?

I could not look for you in the usual places that people do.
My heart cannot breathe there.
I wanted you so much--
and thought that you were lost to my romanticism,
To my idealism
To a heart that needed more--
All the things that so many never knew—
never saw --and laughed at me because I did.

When I wasn’t looking, wasn’t searching--you appeared.
And before I could catch my breath--you took it away--over and over again.
You made me laugh--you made me cry--and somehow--made me love you.

The only distance between us
is the time I measure between saying good-bye
And saying hello to you once again.
You help me believe in myself, and in your heart--I see myself,
and I feel so privileged to have a space there with my name on it.

I wasn’t looking for you.
How could I have been?
You were always here--inside my heart--on hold.
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