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A Valentine's Day poem for my husband.
*Heart* This poem is for my husband for Valentine's Day. Enjoy!
*Heart* I knew you in school
but we never had a date.We would talk from time to time and that was cool.
I had no idea that you would someday be my soul mate.

Seven years went by and you came over to my house.
You were riding a motorcycle and you didn't look the same,
I didn't know that in another year, you would be my spouse
and we would have the same last name.*Heart*

We started to date*Heart*
Later, you bought me a rose and a promise ring.*Heart*
I had to wonder, how did I rate?
We were in love and you made my heart sing.*Heart*

*Heart*You asked me to be your wife.
We got married and had a beautiful Wedding Day.*Heart*
Our love was meant to be.*Heart*
I'm proud to share your life
and that you let me have my say.

Our life isn't problem free-
like when I had drastic surgery and our house burned down.
These things we didn't forsee.
We got through it and your love and patience is my crown. *Heart*

Happy Valentine's Day.*Heart*
You bought me a cute, red stuffed bear.
This is your way-
of saying that you love me and that you will always care. *Heart*

I will always love you.*Heart*
Thank you for being my Valentine.*Heart*
You have always been so true.
I am so glad that you are mine. *Heart*
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