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Metaphorical poem about evil vs good in the world today
Death vibrates through my mind

All the way to the underground dungeon

However long you wait, longer is the path to salvation

Contempt is the delicious morsels of food that the devil eats

Night is the time for demons to play and for souls to quake with fear

In the moonlight you are protected, do not wander into the deep shadows

Otherwise thy body will be robbed and your soul be stolen too

To lose yourself is easy but to say in the lunar goddess’ gaze is perilous

Love does not exist in any shadow though because the light of souls’ essences cannot shine

That demon would love to play once you become dim

But be careful for it will be difficult to escape his grasp

Yet dream when you fall into slumber

To escape this frightful tumultuous reality

So stay in your fantasies until the dawn wakes

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