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A job as a personal assistant turns out to be more then meets the eye
chapter one

His fingers trailed down her spine as he watched her sleep. She was so beautiful and so different from when she first started as his personal assistant.
When she first started she was fat and unhealthy. As well as insecure and shy. All the boys in the group,wondered if she would last very long- that was three years ago. She was one of several personal assistants for the group Back street boys. Her job entailed keeping Howie's personal schedule, organizing his speaking engagements,reading and answering most of his fan mail. In essence she was his secretary, but what she really enjoyed was taking walks with him and his dog on those rare occasions. Unfortunately it was far from romantic as she had hoped because they were rarely alone.
Now as he continued to watch her sleep, he remembered the day that changed their lives forever and couldn't help but smile.He went over to her home one morning to have coffee and discuss the schedule of the day as usual.But what he saw when she opened the door concerned him deeply.When he asked her what was wrong all she did was look at him and begin to cry.
Suddenly he moved closer and pulled her in his arms. At that moment things changed between them forever. Since rehursal was scheduled for later that afternoon,he made another pot of coffee and they sat on the couch and talked. Ellen explained that she took the job for all the wrong reasons. Which he understood and knew before she even said anything. But even with that tidbit revealed, he was not going to let her go. Nor was he going to let her talk bad about herself and that was the first and last time she did. After all he did see something in her to approve her hire.
To his knowledge that was the last time she ever spoke badly about herself. She felt embarrassed about spilling her inner most soul to someone she really only knew professionally. But Howie was so easy to talk to.
An hour had passed before they knew it and they had talked as if they were old friends.It was during that conversation they discovered they had more of a connection then simply employee and employer. Suddenly the phone rang interrupting them. As much as Ellen wanted to she could not ignore it because she forgot to turn her machine on.
It was her landlord and clearly the conversation was upsetting her because she began to cry again as she had been earlier. Without warning, Howie stood up and went to take the phone from her hand.
"Hello, who is this??... OK Ms, Jackson , My name is Howie why dont you take this as Ellen's 30 day notice. Your rent will be paid and she will be out by the end of the month." He said as if taking control of the situation. Ellen sat there with a stunned look on her face as she just watched. What was he doing she wondered as she watched and listened in amazement.Before long Howie hung up and turned back to her with a smile.

Chapter two

"What in the world did you do that for? I have-" Ellen started to say when suddenly her words were cut off as he gently put his fingers to her lips.

"Shhhh, will you let me explain." He said hoping the frown on her face would soon soften.

"Sure go ahead!" she said as she breathed out in a huff. "Try and explain what I just heard."It was almost comical. If she were a cartoon character he would be seeing smoke come from her ears.

He removed his fingers and took a deep breath. "Ok thanks." He said trying to think fast because he knew unless he had a really good reason for pissing off her land lord, he would be 'splaining to her landlord that there was a mad man that day and said those awful things and that Ellen had absolutely nothing to do with what took place earlier that day.

"Remember a few weeks ago when we were really busy and had meetings and engagements until way past sun down and had to get up way before sun up? You said one of these days you were going to move closer?"

"Vaguely,yes.Why?"She said tilting her head.

"Well I have been giving that some thought and I agree. You should live closer. I mean what good is a personal assistant if she's not close enough to get,well personal.

"I'm listening."

" I was thinking you could move into my place." He said without missing a beat.

"Whoa wait a minute." She said backing up and listening to herself reject this offer. "your place?"

"Yea, my place." Then it dawned on him what she might be thinking. " I don't mean my bed. shame on you. I mean there's a spare bedroom in my place. Or if you'd be more comfortable the guest house, where you could spread out and be more comfortable. Besides isn't a boss supposed to pay for his assistant's room and board?"

"Well yea, I suppose." She said half smiling. "But wont I be cramping your space? I mean I would think that's the last thing you'd want at the end of a day, me around." She said with a smerk and raised eye brow.

He knew she couldn't stay mad at him for long, she never could.And when she said that with the smerk and began to back up, he knew she was over it and wanted to play. That's what made them click they just seemed to understand each others moods and know what to do to make the other feel better and when.For him he couldn't think of any better match for him then her.

"No smarty you wont be cramping my style or anything. So what do you think? Will you live with me?" He asked after a moment of silence.

"Are you kidding,I'd love nothing better." She said as he starting to walk toward her.

Nothing was said for a second as he moved closer and pulled her into his arms.

"Besides if you do move in I will have someone to sing love songs to , my dog is getting strange looks in her eye."

"Hahaha" Ellen said laughing at the thought. " Ok for the dog's sake I will consider it." she said holding on to his forarms and looking into his eyes.But it didn't take her long to respond with her answer. "Yes I would love to move in with you."

"Really!" He said as if surprized. " That's great." He suddenly picked her up and began spinning her around as they both began laughing....

Chapter three

Now she was here in his bed next to him. As she lay there he couldn't help but want to touch her. He watched for her reacton as his fingers slowly moved up her back and across her shoulders. Suddenly she began to move as soft moans came from her lips.
"MMM that feels sooo good " she said as his fingers continued their journey.
"good morning." He said as his fingers were joined by his tongue.
"Oh yesss" she said as he hit a ticklish spot and he not only saw her reaction but felt it as well. Before long she was fully awake and ready for what came next. she slow turned over and looked up at her lover. "morning" she said smiling and reaching for him.
"morning" he said moving to now kiss her lips. As they kissed she ran her fingers across his shoulders and up to run her fingers through his hair. His hands were busy moving down her shoulders stomach and waitstsending jolts through her as he went.Before long he left her lips and began following his fingers down the front of her now very sensitive frame.
He finally stopped at her waist before looking up at her in a teasing glance. However he didn't stop long as she was already lost in the moment and was wanting more of him, and soon. He moved down her outer thighs teasing and taunting her before moving to her inner thighs and the very spot that would send her over the edge. He soon continued to kiss her inner thighs.
As his tongue moistened her sensitive spot sending jolts of excitment through her body she was gasping for air as her head arhed back and her eyes closed. Just when she was ready to explode he kissed back up her body and entered her with a thrust. Seconds later they were both exploding spilling their juices onto the bed. After the intense climax subsided they feel breathless into each others arms.

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