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by RubyB
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A vampire gives his sexy pet her desired punishment and takes what he wants.
My Pet Wanted a Spanking

I looked down at the trembling woman before me and wanted to feel nothing. She was too powerful, too potent, far too innocent in her trust. The rush of her emotions beat at my inner demon, demanding more not less. I was already on sensory overload from that blasted disaster of a dinner party. A party where she had been the perfect pet, obedient in every way. No, I didn't want to feel her emotions, lest I be swept away.

I was lying to myself. And I knew it. I wanted to feel every bit of her. Her soft skin beckoned. My mark on her breast called to me.

I knew what she was feeling now. The wetness between her legs, the combination of arousal and anxiety in her stomach. She licked her lips and I watched the movement. The flick of her tongue was making my body harder than I thought possible on this strange night.

Slowly, I walked to the large bed and disrobed with a thought by quickly dematerializing and then materializing again. My clothes were piled on the floor carelessly. She didn't take her eyes off me and I grinned. I was showing off and we both knew it.

"Come, my sweet, lay across my lap," I told her and she gracefully crawled to me.

Her movements were slow, exaggerated, erotic. She swung her hips. The action made her breasts jiggle. How I love those breasts! Watching my gift, my tasty dessert, make her way towards me, I stroked my cock for just a touch of relief.

She smelled like peaches and cream, the lotion on her smooth skin. She also smelled of woman. The scents mingled adding to my own excitement.

When she raised her head and stared at my erection I wondered, "Am I the master or the slave to my pretty pet?" Perhaps I was to be the treat for her.

My cock twitched and she shook herself. The silent shudder almost took my voice away. I was supposed to be in charge here, not my willing slave.

"Up, pet, you've stalled long enough." I put a bit of growl into my voice and she quickly climbed up on the bed and spread herself across my lap. I knew she could feel my erection poking into her stomach when she wiggled a bit to settle against my thighs.

"Why are you being punished, pet?" I asked.

Her mind was racing. Her guilt had long been forgotten; that she had requested the punishment was almost forgotten as well. Her thoughts were on my cock pressed against her skin, the emptiness of her sex and the throbbing of my mark on her breast. Her thoughts were on me, taking her, ravishing her. Well, I couldn't punish her for that.

"Master...I..." she began and I laughed.

"You felt guilty," I supplied.

"Yes...guilty..." She murmured. Her head lay on the comforter and I made sure she turned to watch herself in the mirror. She gasped when I felt between her legs. The jolt of excitement further fed my demon. I admit fear is pleasant, but there's nothing like the taste of an orgasm. Nothing.

This little slave often punished herself by denying herself release. I wanted something else tonight. I wanted to feed and feed. To overwhelm her by forcing her to orgasm until she begged for mercy. Yet first, her bottom was in need of attention.

When she relaxed, I removed my fingers from her wet pussy and licked them. I took my time, watching her watching me in the mirror. Her lovely mouth moved into an "o". Perfect.

"Forty, I think will do it. Can you hold still for that long?" I asked, knowing that I'd have to be careful. With my strength, I could easily break the bones of such a delicate creature. Forty would be difficult for her.

"I...don't know, Master. I will do my best." Her soft voice held a note of fear mixed with anticipation.

"That's all I ever ask from you, pretty kitten. Do your best. You count them and thank me."

"One," she said.

I opened my palm and swatted a round globe.

"Thank you, sir. Two."

Another swat to the other globe. She squealed this time, but bravely gave me another count.

"Thank you, sir. Three."

I swatted the first side a bit lower and she grabbed onto the comforter. Her hands held the fabric in a tight grip. I had been a bit hard. Yet there were no complaints, just another thank you and a count.

Every swat made me ache for relief. For my pet, it sent her someplace where she lost track of the numbers and her ability to count by the time we reached twenty. She said, "Thank you, sir. Three."

Three? Again I had to laugh. She was so amusing.

"You may just thank me, pretty kitten. I'll count for you."

She wiggled a bit, preparing herself for the next spank, pushing herself against my groin.

"Yes, sir. Thank you, sir."

When we reached forty, she was stinging from her bottom to her thighs. My hands are big and I had to spread out the swats. Her bottom was red, warm and perfect for my next plan.

I had her sit in my lap, facing me. She slowly lowered herself onto my cock. The heat of her sex both teased and tormented me. I needed friction, now. Sensing my desires, she put a hand on the nape of my neck and the other on my shoulder. I leaned forward, capturing a delicious breast and did what I wanted to do all evening.

Sinking my fangs into her soft skin, I drank in her sweetness and her blood. She rode me in a frenzy of movement. Her body rose and fell, so she was filled then empty, my erection a tool for our mutual pleasure. She wriggled and shook, her head thrown back, her hair flying. With her first climax, I ceased the drinking and licked the wound I'd made, healing it while she rode me to the stars.

Using my hands, I kept up the pace long after she'd lost the energy to continue. I gave her one climax after another, forcing her to shatter and grip me ever tighter as her insides spasmed and massaged me to my own release. On and on I forced her to ride me, up and down, repeatedly. Her body milked my cock, squeezing when she came yet again.

"Mercy...please...master," she panted as her body shook in pleasure once more. She was sensitive, every movement I made setting off another wave until the pleasure had moved into pain. I had achieved my goal, but wasn't through.

"Now, pet," I commanded. "One more time. For me."

"For you," she muttered. Her head was on my shoulder, her lips to my neck, tickling as she whispered words of love that only I could hear.

Everything in me focused on my hard cock, my need, my pleasure. I pumped into her harder, faster, deeper, so very close, just a little bit more then she tilted her body to just the right angle and I found ecstasy! She was barely awake when I exploded into her, my thick seed, seeming to spend itself forever. My beautiful pet came with me, shuddering again and again. Her whimpers pleasing.

It seemed an eternity had passed before we came back into ourselves. I knew she had returned from subspace when she raised her head off my shoulder. Her eyes caught mine and she smiled. She had done very, very well.

I kissed her and told her so with my thoughts. Nodding, she snuggled against me her body completely relaxed. Finally sated, I pulled her under the covers with me and watched her drift into a sensuous slumber.

For the first time that night, and in many nights, I felt at peace.

(C) Copyright 2005/2009 Ruby Bloodstone. All rights reserved.

Update to answer some questions:

The vampires in the Vampire's Pet Series and stories have reflections. These vampires also have an actual demon within them.

"The Legend of Lyssa tells the legend of my vampire stories and will shed light on some of their characteristics. Enjoy.
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