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When the angel of death wins. My first sonnet.

When all is done and Death, thy angel wins
And brings me in his heavenly presence;
Then shall I beg that he forgive my sins
And pray that I may be excused penance?

Then shall I let him know that I did try
To follow his each and every command?
Or shall I to him my acts justify,
So that I do not earn his reprimand?

I tried to do whatever he ordained.
I tried to follow that path which he showed.
What matters if my progress was restrained?
What, if I could not achieve as avowed?

I shall simply lay down myself prostrate
At his feet and then for his judgment wait.

* Written as Shakespearean Sonnet, which consists of fourteen lines, each having 10 syllables in iambic pentameter [ five beats of "da-DUM" meter].

The rhyming scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG.

M C Gupta
31 Dec. 2004
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