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God brings change in ways unknown. Our logic may fail; our faith should not.
GOD’S WAYS—a sonnet on tsunami

Should we lose faith in God because he kills
Through ways that are so cruel to mankind?
Should we despise the gory wicked thrills
He gets from his acts of tsunami kind?

Why can’t he be kinder to his own sons,
Who worship him and view him with such awe?
Why can’t he kiss and save the little ones?
Why should he them in fiery waters draw?

The logic of man cannot fathom out
His ways that are shrouded in mystery.
With inexplicable events are filled,
The pages of the book of history.

Have faith in him and his perplexing ways.
He does look after his children always.

* A devastating tsunami occurred in India on 26 December 2004, [Ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2004_Indian_Ocean_earthquake]
• *Awarded Third Prize in "The Elementalist Contest, The Elementalist Contest, 13th round, August 2009, organised by LdyPhoenix .
* Showcased in the Spiritual Newsletter dated 5 January 2011.

M C Gupta
3 Jan 2005

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