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A woman finds an abandoned car that leads to unexpected discovery
Ch 7

Sara needs us , are you ready to battle mobsters again”,,,
“Yep I’m charged and ready,Lets go.”
When they got back to Sara’s home everything was up in arms. Three days had passed since Saras dad had died. She was making his funeral arrangements when she was called by the attending phascian. He informed her of his grief as well as having a package that he was supposed to give her in the even of his untimely death. This was clearly an untimely death, although they knew it was inevitable , they didn’t expect it quite so suddenly. She agreed to meet him later that day to retrieve the package.
Once home she set it aside and tried to get back to making the funeral arrangements but her asttention was drawn back to the business sized envelope which was dated three days earlier. It was from my father alright . He had personally written the addresses on it himself instead of his secretary. As she opened it, she saw that there were several pages of what looked like legal documents. There was also a separate smaller envelope inside containing his and his wife’s/her mothers last wills and testaments. ( I would need these)She thought as she set them aside now concentrating on the other papers. It was a letter to her in the form of what looked like a story.

Dear Sara
It has been such a long time since we have spoken. I do wish you and Stephen lived closer so that we may visit more but I do understand your life style. It reflects my own as well as your grand dads. Anyway, I am ashamed to say this last act that I have made has landed me into a bit of trouble and I was hoping to warn you so that you may prepare and be ready for what might come along. “
Love Your Dad George

”Might come along?” Sara asked as Julia and Sam watched from high above.” What did you do now dad?” Sara finished as she continued reading the letter. That was something they all had in common alright they all did before they thought. After finishing her dad’s letter, she put it in her desk and stuffed the other envelopes into her purse so she would have them later , so shed have something to read if that opportunity presented itself. In the letter it said what the other envelope specifically contained and after she went to sign the papers at the funeral home, she would head to the bank then attorneys. But she didn’t expect to find in the safety deposit box what was there.
It was an exact replica of the bracelet that she had turned over to the police only days ago. Right down to the signature, the only difference, it had her mothers name engraved on the back.
Nothing made since to the three woman lest of all this, what was going on? What had Sara’s father gotten himself into? She soon emptied the box of its contents and left the bank quickly to go back home. When she made sure she wasn’t being followed she headed back home. On top of her dad’s funeral she had this to worry about. Three days had passed and Stephen was getting worried because Sara had not cried or grieved for her dad. She simply went numb. To hurt would be to feel, and she wasnt ready to feel that loss yet. But it was what happened three days later that sent her over the edge.
Late that previous day Sara finally cried. But it wasn’t for the loss of her dad as it was from sher exhaustion.. It had been three days since he was laid to rest and from the day he died til now she was unable to think or sleep.
So Stephen knew when she finally fell into bed she was ready to sleep. But the next morning when Stephen got out of bed when the alarm sounded but Sara didn’t, he knew she must have needed the sleep. So he let her sleep.

Chapter 9

“Shes getting too close!” The boss said as he threw the pile of pictures at his men as they all sat at the table at the hide out. These pictures showed Sara at various points in the investigation, from the the time in the hospital with her father to the car crash and the investigation. They had to know what she knew. But then it didnt care , she was investigating that was more then she should be doing.
"Well take care of her boss." One young man said. suddenly eager to please.
"Ahuh." he said looking at this .... boy."Just how are you going to take care of her?"
"That's what I thought.” The boss said as he picked the big mouth up by his shirt and off his feet. "You eather stop her -or I stop you. Perminately! You got that?" The boss said angrily.
"Y Y Yes Sir" he said with a shaky voice.
"Good." He said releasing the kid causing him to stumble back and almost fall. Then he looked at the rest of the men that were at the table. "That goes for the rest of you as well. I want her stopped!"
After they all left to go carry out their mission the man in charge and the sherriff remained behind to talk.
"She should not have gotten that far you know that as well as I do so how are we going to stop her. The bracelet has to be at her house."
"Then we have to go look for it dont we?" The sherriff said as they had another drink.
Days later while Sara was out at work their house was paid a visit by the sherriff. But no matter where he looked he could not find the bracelet. And he looked everywhere also like herleaving no stone . Mattress, couch, unturned.
When nothing was found he left. And vowed to come back when she was home alone. He unlike the other men in thr group was not going to stop before he got what he deserved - that bracelet that his boss wanted.
Before long he watched as she came up thee drive. It’s about time he thought as he waited for the right momen to attack. . She soon parked and got out of the car and went in . She however did not get far into the house when she stopped short. The place was a disaster. As she was looking around for clues she was suddenly grabbed from behind and wrestled to the ground.
By the time he had her out the front door and on the front porch, she was fighting with everything she had and everything julia had as well. Just as they reached the parking lot she was screaming at the top of her lungs hoping someone anyone would hear her and come to her aide. He didn't care if that would leave her home unlocked and unsecred, thats what he wanted because that would just save the others from wasting time breaking through a window or break down the door. Even with Julia's spirit she could not fight him , it wasn't that he was stronger but more experienced and at an advantage. But she did not expect the one person who seemed to be a thorn in her side to come to her rescue. The sherriff. Unfortunately the attacker managed to get away and escape down the road. But what was odd was the sherriff did not follow too far as he disappeared down the road and around the bend. When he walked back to see if she was alright, she was back in the house looking at the damage. Was the assalant the one who was in her house? If so what were they looking for , she had nothing regardless of the money they seemed to have made. He stood at the door and called out.
"Hello Ma’am," The sherrif said as he stood out side the door,
"Hello Sherrif, thank you for stopping whoever that was. So what brings you out this way ?" She said suddenly feeling like she was being disturbed.
"I'm sorry, I couldnt apprehend him but we can dust for prints and all that. So other then what just happened did I catch you at a bad time?" He said sensing some hostility.
'Any time you show up at my door is a bad time' Julia said as she reentered the room unnoticed by anyone.
"Listen upon your complaint we have several suspects held at the station and would like you to come down and talk a look and see if any jog your memory.
"Jog my memory? How could anything jog my memory if I didnt see anyone?" Sara said wondering what he had up his sleeve.
Good question Julia asked and suddenly seeing a response from sara. She still had the connection Julia thought as they stood side by side looking into the eyes of the towns only sherif that reminded her of deputy dog.
" Obviouisly sherriff this is not a good time.” She said holding out her hands as if to show him the desaster area where he stood. I'm sorry sherrif i have things to do around here.If you will excuse me."She said starting to close the door. But he stuck his foot in as most sales men sdo trying to make a sale.
"You were the one who reported it i thought you would also want to help. "
" Well of course I want to help I’m just saying this is not a good time . Besides I told you I didn't see any body,,, " She said wondering what was up his sleeve. When he came out to investigate he refered to her as a air head type blonde whose sole purpose was to be barefoot and pregnant why was he so gung hoe now about her leaving her home and going to a station to try and recognize a suspect she didn't see?!
But before she knew what was happening, he had grabbed her and was trying to get her out of the house again.. But no matter how much she refused to leave her home he was that much stronger. As she stood there arguing she knew at some point he would win and she would leave possibly putting herself in danger , But she didn't want to be rude , but giving in would put her in harms way, and before long he saw that he was getting to her as she began to weaken. Julia who was there listening sensed she needed strength and moved to take over as she had before,,
'don't worry, I will be here.' Julia said merging with Sara.
Right before his eyes her expression changed and so did her tone as she stood in front of this arragant some bitch. For what seemed like an eternity they didn't say a word. He was not going to let a woman dictate what he did and when ,, she was going to come with him and now ,, he was on a strict deadline ,, but it wasnt a deadline appointed to him by the sherrifs dept. but by others who raited more of his loyalty then the office which he was swarn to uphold. Besides if he waited anylonger the other half would be home and he couldnyt risk that . Without a second thought or warning the sherrif grabbed her arm and started to force her from her home.
He didn't care if that would leave her home unlocked and unsecred, thats what he wanted because that would just save the others from wasting time breaking through a window or break down the door. Even with Julia's spirit she could not fight him , it wasn't that he was stronger but more experienced and at an advantage. Once he had her out the front door and on the front porch, she was fighting with everything she had and everything julia had as well. Just as they reached the parking lot she was screaming at the top of her lungs hoping someone anyone would hear her and come to her aide. No one expected her 'hero ' would be the one person the sherif feared., His boss Stephen, Sara's husband. Later that night as they sat on the couch looking at the mess that was still to be cleaned up, she came to the conclusion that he didn’t stop the guy because it was his job, he stopped the guy because he indeed wanted her fore himself.
Before they went to bed they took prints of everything and got it ready to take them to the lab to process and see who broke in, and why the sherrif didn’t ty harder to stop the guy. It was great that the sheriff did not work in the same lab or police station that Sara nor Stephen worked in and the higher ups were not fond of the “come to the rescuer sherif either”
It didn’t take long for the prints to come back on the things in the house. They belonged to a Marc Emerson. From his record he had been arrested for minor incidences. A few break ins and assaults. But nothing to serious , like murder. But that’s just because they haven’t caught him yet.
When she finally took a coffee break, she reviewed the files and evidence of the cases she was working on. Were the cases all connected, starting with the accident, the bracelet, to her dads death, her moms murder, the break in. The phone calls. But what really made her wonder was the fact that the DT. And the sgt. had known her parents and never said anything. Could all this be related to what her dad said before he died, once you know you can never turn back, as well as warning her to be prepared, was this what he was talking about?
“When it rains it pours” she said as someone walked in and agreed.
“Tell me about it. I didn’t think we would ever get a match to the prints found in your home , but we did, from the most unlikely place,”
“Really where?”
“Hospital records. Back in August,”
“Well don’t keep me in suspense who do they belong to .
“A marc Emerson.”
The intern had no way of knowing what he had just said.
“When did this Marc work there?” She said more as a question to repeat when he worked there.
“August.” He repeated as he handed her the print out . “Anything else?” He asked before going back to his work station.
But she had not heard him the first time because he had to touch her shoulder to get her attention.
“Huh, what.” She said refocusing on the person in front of her.
“Is there anything else I can do for you?”
“I will let you know . Go ahead and go back to the lab. When he started out of the room she remembered something and called him back. “Oh hey did you get any more on the prints from the note or the cigarette?” She asked setting the paper aside.
“Not yet , but we are still working on it.”He said smiling briefly and leaving to go back to his post.
Sara now had something to work on , she was going to see what their records showed for A marc Emerson, anything that might shiow he was working at the hospital at the time her dad was there. Not only did she find that he worked for the hospital at the time her was there but he seemed to have been most places her parents had been , either following her dad or her mom. In fact he had gone back along way but that still didn’t tell her who he was , but now that she knew he was there at the time of her dad’s passing, she would look more into the hospital records and see if he was associated to her dads care in some way. Suddenly this case was taking on twists and turns she had not expected.

Chapter 10

Sara had no way of knowing what she was getting herself into and absolutely no way of knowing what she was doing was not only being tracked but so was any phone calls into or out of her office. She let Stephen know that she would be at work and he could call her there or on her cell because she would be in and out of her office. After she hung up from him she went to inform her boss Dt. Morgan know what she had found regarding the murder of her mother. He seemed very pleased with what she had found. Little did she know he already knew some of what she had been doing , because he had been keeping tabs on her. She had discovered that the car that had crashed was one they had pulled from the junk yard which had been owned by one marc emerson. Which also made her wonder if it was already crashed why bring it out take it to a cliff and push it off ? And why where she of all people would find it. Insurance, sabatage, intrapement? If it was any of these then who was their taget and why? As of this date there were more questions then answers and she didn’t know where to begin.
“Right where you said you were , your dad’s interest and deed , find out who else if anyone was partnered with him and where they are now? “ Julia said trying to refocus Sara once again.
“Your right thank you “ Sara said shaking her head, “where were you with my other cases , she joked .
“None of them were as personal as this one is ,, you cant give up on this case , there’s too much at stake.” Namely your life Julia wanted to add , but found the strength to hold back. As Sara and Stephen were at work they were unaware that their house was under siege. It was the perfect time because they not only had 8 or so hrs but they were miles off the road and away from neighbors so they could take as long as they wanted.
By morning both Stephen and Saa were exosted and ready for bed, but when they rounded the corner and saw their home , rest would have to wait. Luckily because of their training when they saw the door broken in they went to get a pair of glves from the trunk so they wouldnt add or take away any prints that were there.
As they stepped through the door Julia who was still mentally with Sara felt as though she was stepping back through the abandoned building where the journal she found was . Talk about second hand dayjavous.
Every drawer, every cabinet had been opened and the contents spilled out onto the floor. Things were knocked off shelves and broken. Even the privacy of her mothers room had been invaded and the things inside gone threw. Thank goodness she had already put the box of letters, and gift that she had found in the trunk of her car and everything else was locked at work , where no one could find it.
On their walk through pictures were taken and evidence was collected as they suddenly saw not only their privacy invaded , but a crime scene. Some one was looking for someone and was not going to stop until they found it whatever it was. The kitchen was the last room they went to. It was just as bad as the other rooms as they waded through the debre. Everything they owned was out on the floor for all to see. As they were taking pictures and lifting prints on the handles, Sara saw the light flash on the answering machine.
Normally that was the last thing on her mind but something or someone told her that might have left a message on the machine. She went over and pushed the button and listened to the messages.
“ you re getting too close. If you know whats good for you you will back off.” The voice said as she listened with a profession ear. About half way threw the message stephen’s ears perked up.
“I’ve heard that voice before.” She said looking from the machine to Stephen,
“Where when.” A few days ago , here, If I didn’t know better It sounds like the hick sherif that I’ve been talking to the other call came just after I found the bracelet that the squad has.
“Why would they be after you and for that matter how did they get our number? He said moving to her side. “ We don’t have a listed number.”
“It’s got to be someone in law enforcement. No one else would have our number.”
“Well I’ll have my team look at it.” Sara said listening to a few more messages. There were a few more of the same . Including one from a caller who claimed to have caused the havic that they now stood in. “ It looks like we may need to secure and arm this place when we are both out.
“ I will talk to max in the morning, let him know whats going on. I can trust him.”
“ He was the one at out wedding correct?”
“ Yea that’s him.”
“Good man.” He said as if he knew exactally who she was talking about. As if he checked the guy out himself. But thats the way they worked, she checked out and did back ground checks on his staff and he did the same thing for hers. That way they knew the others team was safe reliable and trust worthy.
They relied on their teams a lot more then they did anyone else and they had decided it was time to bring them in and discuss what was happening. But they would have to meet somewhere else it was apparent that their place may be bugged or at the least watched . So the next day they met at a restaurant a few miles out of town. Before long they had a security plan set in place and ready to implement immediately. When the couple got home they cleaned up and set up the surveillance equipment. No where on their property could someone now go without being seen, that was checked out by the couple, both trying to dodge the camera, which could not be done. After that was done, they had it set where it could be accessed by either at work by both at the same time without booting each off. They also had access at home but that was accessible through a password only they had , and no one could access or break the code or by pass it from the outside.
When they went to work the next day they were able to test the system with random drive bys from several of the members of their staff to see if things were operation properly. Things went smoothly for about a week when suddenly activity was discovered on the outskirts of their property. As Stehen logged in when the icon beeped he saw what appeared to be a hobo stumble onto their property.
“Good test the grounds see if there are any activation points you will find none.” he said just watching getting ready to alert his private security team. After a few minutes he turned and stumbled back out to the street and down the road. There was no accidental enterences to their place , not anymore. Someone was out to get them or hurt her. Would he have asked her not to get involved- no. Thats what they did thats who they were. Their sole job, and existence is to stop the bad guys and dispense justice.
The bad guys they were concentrating on getting off the street right now were the ones who killed Sara parents and whoever want the bracelet that is now in the custody of the squad. They were getting close to solving the mystery that would bring down the criminal justice system of their small region.
When they left for the day they met at a restaurant and relaxed for a bit before heading back home and most likely working through the night. Sara had a briefcase full of files of employee records she was able to copy so she can review them to see if any match in the privacy of her home.

Chapter 11

After they got home and surveyed the ground making sure it was safe they entered and did the same to the enterior. Once everything was secured they got down to business and began to look over the files she had brought home. On her lunch break she was able to retrieve the files her father had told her about as well as what he was working on when he got sick.
“This is going to take all night.” Sara said seperating the files so they both could look them over.
“It’s only five. And well order pizza for dinner so we don’t have to waste time cooking or heating , just rip and dip as they say.”
“ Good. Let me go make a pot of coffee and change into something comfy and we can get started,
“Only you get to get comfy” he said pulling her to him as they both laughed. There was no place safer then in his arms and she loved him.
“No I didn’t mean that.” She said wrapping her arms around him as he did her. She knew perfectly well that if they go in the bedroom at the same time they would prob not get to the files for a few hrs . And that was alright with her, because she really needed his arms, lips, and love. She hadnt let him get close since before her dad died , and that was a while ago. Then her mom died. They both needed this, and if he wanted to make love to her to comfort her she would allow it.
As he stood there with her in his arms and him in hers he moved closer to kiss her soft red lips. They tasted of wine. They always had that taste as well as the rest of her. And he wanted the rest of her more then she would ever know. He wanted to bring her comfort as only he could. As their kiss deepened, his hands carressed over her still clothed body as he savored the feeling of surrender. Before long he was lifting the shirt up over her head exposing the peach satin bra. Her hunger for him was just as intense as the shirt fell to the ground. His hands slowly moved over her breasts , sides and back with out stretched fingers as his passion grew. When he reached the clasps of her bra unhooked them and rubbed the skin beneath. Oohhh to feel her skin on his , was like drinking from a well the more he caressed her the more his kisses grew harder and devowering. He kissed her lips , neck and now moving toward her throat.
She would let him have his fun,but pretty soon it would be her turn to taste his flesh. He hadn’t given her an offering in such a long time it was a wonder she hadnt found another doner yet. But he was her life source and she wouldnt be satisfied with just any doner. His well was the only one from which she drank. It was what kept her alive. Finally without hesitation or fore thought he picked her up and carried her to their bedroom where he threw her on the bed , she was wrong he was just as hngry for her as she was him. As he towered over her, she saw the change in his eye. She knew what he wanted and she was not going to deny him. He slowly moved toward her as a preditor stalked his prey , his steely eyes never leaving hers as he moved from one side of the bed to the other as he skillfully removed his clothes and what was left of hers. She could not leave his gaze as he continued moving from side to side unable to wait any long she reached for him. He did not take her hands instead he climbed up between her legs and ontop of her. Her hands came down and wrapped around his neck as he entered her. He plunged himself deep inside as his lips once again took hers in a hungry kiss.
Feeling their bodies move in unison just added to the fire which burned inside her. She soon grabbed his shoulders and within the blink of an eye her nails grew and she dug her claws into him as her teeth sank into the flesh of his neck.
Drinking until her thurst quenched they rolled over and she now was ontop. She released both her teeth and her claws and sat up still rising and falling on his swollen manhood. Knowing the exact moment when he would climax she got off and possissioned herself so that he could drink of her flowing juices as she would his.Finally their fire quenched they lay in each others arms feeling rejuvenated and alive again. And with their ability to heal, the scars and marks that might have been made would be gone when they had to see people the next day. And no one would be the wiser.
Time seemed to have stood still as they stole a few moments before diving into paperwork. But it was a break well worth taking. With all thats been happening they needed to rekindle the passion and love they had for each other before continuing on to the conclusion of this case. Even julia enjoyed the release she had as she stayed joined to Sara. Unfortunately she was still in the bedroom long after they had left to go into the living room and start to piece together the puzzle which was handed to her by her dad. She finally got up and joined the couple as they were already going through the paperwork. She fused with Sara and quickly discovered where they were at.
Stephen was looking at the finger prints and other evidence while Sara was looking at the deeds and paperwork of her dad’s last case. What seemed odd was that it was the same case, just from differnt angles. Her dad was investigating the sherrif because he had put pressure on past witnesses that was tesstifying against those he had put behind bars.
Her dad was thorough, he had interviewed several witnesses that said he had put pressure on witnesses and conviently lost reports that had been filed that was against him. Several cases were pending but because he had died, his cases were now being rerouted, she was going to talk to the DA and see if she could take over. But the case that he had just started and was now dead in her lap was the braclet and the deed that he and this still mysterious partner had signed and owned.
“Ok lets recap, Mama waqs getting letters by some guy with the intials E later to be identified as Erwin J Miller. He and my parents knew each other . My dad and Erwin were partners in a business. Erwin disappeared some time in 70. Nothing on record after that.
“But he had had discrepencies with not only your dad over the company, but also monies recieved by contributers and buyers as well. In short he got greedy.”
“Wonderful I bet that pissed daddy off.”
“But if the partner died back then why is this bracelet an issue now?” She wondered as she continued looking through the paperwork.
“You know there could have been a silent partner or an outsider that took an interst that we don’t know about yet.” Stephen said
Suddenly silence filled the room. Neither Sara or Julia had thought of that, as Sara began going through note books and journals to see if there was anything that would give them a clue as to what was happening now.
She went through three journals before she found the one she was looking for. “Today was a big day in our company because today we met with a jewler and showed him what we have dug out of the mine. When he examined the piece and discovered it was real and not a fake imitation he was estatic. So was erwin for that matter. What they thought was fake and more ecimomical was the real thing and was more expensive for them.
Once they discovered it was the real thing not only were they making more money but were sought after more then they could have ever imagined, which made what Erwin did more dispicable. At one point they had a pure cut bracelete made with the company name on it , the only real treasure they had . They had agreed to put it in a safty deposit box if they ever needed it for colateral , but somewhere along the way it was stolen, When Sara’s dad had visited erwin one timehe saw it and took it back. It was obvious who ever had this piece controlled the assessts and would one day be rich, but why they So they drew up a contract that they would both have access and the one who servived the other would get sole custody and the assests that came with it. But they also had wills so that whoever the family was at the time of death on one of the owners would get the proceeds.
Unfortunately something happened and Erwin or his family got greety ,and when it was her dads turn to hold the bracelet and trophy erwin could not wait and beganand illigale game of cat and mouse as well as deadly game of murder. Because the brothers finger prints stoped when he was young there was no way to track him
Suddenly Julia stepped up with a suggestion if ther was that much money and it was erwins until his death and the family was benefiting from that money erwin was getting , when he died and that money was slowly dwindling frustrations would quickly rise and retaliations would insue. As oddly as it was the two brothers also changed their names but no record of that had been recorded anywhere. Suddenly Sara called her crew and had them do some checking on a few matters and when the results came back guard them with their lives, she would be in to get them when they came in to report what they have found up til then to their superviser.
With a promising end to the case , they went ahead and wrote out their reports and sited their sources.
Dated Sept 10 1963 /64
Friends Erwin J. Miller and George R rynolds became partners to a gem mind selling what they found to jewlers for a discount, when one day a jewler discovered what they extracted was real instead of fake as it had been. Once the deal was made with the one jewler they made an agreement that this jewler would be the only jewler would get the real stones while the others still recieved the fake. Then as a tocken of their trust and security of their families, they made a bracelet out of the real stones and would exchange it each year aquiring the profets that that aquired during that year when one of the two died the other would hold it til his death at which time the braclete would be sold to the highest bidder of that time and the proceeds split between the families. So when Erwin died and it was rightly George’s Erwins family had to do something drastic when they found them selves in debt. The only thing they were still drawing straws at was who was really doing it.

June 5 2001

Screaching tires brought me out of my home and to the sceene of an auto accident. The time was 0900. When I got there, there was one car which had taken the turn to fast and crashed head on into the cliff sending the car crashing and dangling over the egde. No body was in the car and didnt look like there had been a driver. Upon investigation the car had been a discarded car scheduled for demilition . A bracelet was found , but upon a closer look it was fake usded to luire me unto the open to intrap me and get the original bracelet back. However what is yet to be decided was who did the mystery prints belong to? My crew is finding that out and will hand me the revieling the report tomarrow when i am in updating the DT on the case.

Chapter 12

Stephen called his team and had them meet him at Sara office to meet with her and her team before they all went over to the police station with the results.The only thing she was told by her team was that she may not believe what they had found so expect anything. They had no idea how to get the accomplices in the station without causing suspision so they had open mics on agents just outside the sherifs office waiting for the perfect time , incase they were triggered when the news came out.
Before long Sara and Stephen went into the Dt’s office with several members of their team. Upon their entry the dt was shocked at the others who were in the room with them , they were quickly introduced and the results of their investigation came to a head. Just when the Dt thought he had been introduced to all the members of the team and was given the new s of the greety brother there was a knock on the door and another member of Saras team came in. He handed a piece of paper to Sara which proved to be their ace in the hole. Their pesaresistance. This piece of paper held the name of the person behind the brains sorta speak. Once she saw the name even she was shocked , but had to remain professional.
After a moment she smiled and handed the paper to Stephen. They exchanged a look before she turned back to Dt. Morgan.
“Hello Erwin. Nice to see you reincarnated into someone good this time. Well someone who could give the persauna of being a good guy.
“What are you talking about.” He said trying to keep his voice from shaking. Maybe he had underestimated her and her skill after all.
Before she said anything else, both teams surrounded him and had their hands on their weapons incase he tried anything. At that moment her assistant handed her another folder with the finger prints taken from the scene as well as the results. They were one and the same and matched with one Erwin J miller aka Dt Morgan. Her supervisor. The other prints belonged to Sheriff redneck. Aka, the jewlers son, the new owner of the original jewelry store her dad and erwin made the original deal with.
“ But what you don’t know is that bracelet you and your accomplice were trying so despritely to get back was a fake, I have the original. Its in a safety deposit box waiting to be turned over to the FBI for trial.”
He just looked at them as they now had him cuffed.
“Your not as good a business man as you thought.Take him away.” She said as they took him away. Leaving her and her husband alone in the room to relish in her victory.
That night after all the paper work they went out to dinner and when sara was alone, she gave her thanks to julia for her help and said that any time julia wanted to come back and visit , she was welcome. Julia thanked her and they seperated and went about their own business. Julia back to her room in the shelter, Sara to celebrate with her husband.
Weeks later when Julia was reading the paper and saw that the murders of her parents were being brought to trial finally she smiled and before the paper was tossed she was able to cut the story out and save it. To remind herself you could make a difference if you just tried......

The end

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