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by Tavyn
Rated: E · Draft · Action/Adventure · #959113
A draft of the beginning paragraphs of my first story.
Twilight Bane

         O, that I could again see the face of my beloved, my fair Alayna, and at length be at ease. To again fight 'long side the stout heart of Trinian, my most trusted friend. Would that I might grasp the whole of history as a rope, and draw it back to me, that I could again live in joy, and not angst. I know that can not be so, that times past are times lost, and that joy is now forgotten. But I have the Light, and it will bear me far, even to the very heavens. And I have a duty that I cannot fail; for if I do, the times will truly be lost, and the joy wholly forgotten.
         So often do I lie awake in the twilight, dwelling upon things long past, to regain some former hope, but alas, I do not. Never shall I dare to hope, never can I be at ease, for my burden is great, and the consequences dire. Though my path vague, and my hope lost, I will not fail, and the Light will be rekindled.
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