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searching to discover self
Unfortunately, I misplaced the first few chapters of this story, so it might be a bit confusing; I'll try to insert them as soon as i can.

Padraic slammed on his brakes. He sighed in frustration. He had to quit thinking about his parents. It was going to drive him insane.

Thank goodness his trip to Ireland was coming up. Purely business, as his company was looking into merging with Irish Technology Inc. He did hope to get in a day or two of sightseeing, but either way, he would be busy.


Shayne McGillian exited the elevator and made her way through the lobby of Technology Inc. The Dublin skies showed no signs of blue.

"Either way," she frowned, "they match my mood perfectly."

She was supposed to meet some American businessman at the airport within an hour. Of course, merging with the Americans would be beneficial, but why tonight? She had prayer meeting, and... "Okay, Lord," she blew out her breath as she opened her car door." This is what you want, so I'll follow your lead. Help me get through this awful traffic on time. And please don't let this American be a pompous jerk."


Padraic studied the Dublin landscape as the plane angled around in preparation for landing.

So this was it.

He made his way through customs, and began to look for a medium-tall woman in a burgandy suit. She was supposed to have brown hair, blue eyes, and very white skin. Typical Irish.

Okay. The eye color and hair color weren't helpful, but the skin tone might be. The suit color definitely would be.

He set his carry-on down. He was supposed to meet her somewhere around here. Burgandy suit. He scanned the waves of people, most of them shrieking and laughing as they greeted friends and family. No suit like that. Probably late.

He caught sight of a woman leaning against a pillar, watching the arriving crowds.

Ah-ha. Burgandy suit.

He walked towards her. She noticed him, and came forward.

"Shayne McGillan." She held her hand out and smiled brightly.

Absolute knock out voice.

"Padraic Cahill. thanks for coming to get me."
he shook her hand and returned her smile.

"And how was your flight?" she asked engagingly, as they started for the luggage area.

"As good as could be expected. Lots of turbulence and rain."

Right, talk about the weather. Those eyes were...mesmerizing.


Shayne immediately liked the tall, handsome American. No ring, she noticed. Not that it mattered a whole lot.

They retrieved his luggage and made their way to the parking garage.

She stole a glance at him as he stowed his bags in the boot of her car. Didn't look like a computer geek. Very good-looking, " scrumptious" is the word some of her coworkers would have used.

But she could tell something was bothering hem. He was angry. Frightfully so. Whatever, it wasn't her problem to worry about a client's personal life.

He slammed the lid, and turned, catching her eyes. He shot her a tired grin, and ran a hand through his curly dark Irish hair.

Shayne felt her face warm. Perhaps he was just extra tired. She'd only met him ten minutes ago. "Okay God, please don't let me act like a fool around this man. For all I know, he has a fiancee in America."

"I thought we'd go by your hotel and get you settled." Shayne said aloud. "Then, if you prefer, we could get a bite to eat, or you could head to your suite for the night and order room service. I know how jet lag can be."


Padraic thought quickly. He would like to go to sleep. But he wasn't about to turn down dinner with Shayne McGillan. He grinned at her. " I believe I'll take the dinner part first.It sounds very delightful."

She grinned back. "Very good. So we're off to the hotel, then to a pub I think you'll like."

She unlocked the car,and they climbed in.

"I'll be in charge of seeing you enjoy your stay in Dublin. You'll most likely be dining with Mr. O'Malley for most of your stay. But any sightseeing you'd like to do, just tell me.I'd be happy to escort you around, or we could provide you with a car, and you can do your own tours. The choice is all yours, Mr. Cahill."

Yeah," Padraic heard himself say. " I would appreciate your taking time to show me around It'd be more meaningful and I wouldn't have to worry avbout which side of the road I should be driving on."

She laughed. A rich throaty laugh. His senses heightened at the sound of it.

He'd meant to ask for a rental car. He'd wanted to be alone. But, well, Shayne McGillan was...bewitching.
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