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by Ayren
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A poem about having fun. Um.... Have fun reading it.
The Fun Poem

When you’re lying in bed at night and the day is done
Think to yourself, “Did I have fun?”
If you didn’t then you must have made a mistake in the way your day was run
Because even a nun can have lots and lots of fun
What I’m about to say does not contain puns
Just ways to make you happy, you hear that yuns?

When you’re feeling blue
And you need something to do
Don’t start a coup
Just pretend that you’re in a canoe or that you are a kangaroo
You could even be a cow that goes moo-moo
So do your heart true, use your head it’ll show you what to do

When you’re feeling sad
And thinking everything is bad
Don’t think about what you wish you had
Think about what you have that’s rad
So tell brother and sister mom and dad
Do what I said it’ll make you glad

Now it’s time to go have fun
It isn’t tough
Fun backwards is nuf
Feel free to have a ton
Because you can never have nuf fun
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