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by Robbie
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Gay/Lesbian · #972346
this is a poem about the man of a gay guy's dream it's written for a mate
Steve, my one and only.
My body aches for you when we are apart, my heart wants you with me all the time.
Steve, my one and only.

To feel your touch is to feel a saint wrapping himself so perfectly around me, I want this feeling, I want you all the time.
Steve, my one and only.

The only time I know true happiness is when you are around, your presence makes me want to carry on when I have lost all hope, Your touch sends shivers down my spine.
Steve my one and my only.

When I fall asleep at night I'm always happy, knowing that you'll be there waiting for me in my ever so pleasent dreams!
Steve my one and only.

And now here you are saying those words to me I've always hoped you'd say
"I love you"
embracing me with a tender kiss, your tounge tastes sweeter than the sweetest honey and I know that you're here to stay.
Steve my one and only

whisper it again those words I've needed to hear
"I love You and I'm staying here"
Steve my sweetest of sweet hearts I will never be upset again and my heart can finally ease.
because I love you Steve.
Steve my one and only.

For clinton and Brett.
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