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Not everything is what it seems.
The creature's body glided effortlessly through the water moving in and out of shadow. When visible, its scales glistened in the light of the sun. All other times, it was shrouded in darkness. Fish, sensing it, backed away, fearful of the monster's presence. No one ever measured its full length, but one thing was for certain: no one doubted that because of its size and ferocity it ruled the seas.

He was called Chunip, the monster of the seas. The serpent was everyone’s enemy, and sailors feared it more then any storm.

Now, it headed for the surface. Out of the depths he rose, shooting up like an arrow. His red eyes glowed with a fierce energy, while arms clawed the water to move quickly. It had heard something, and it had a mission. Nothing could stop it. All fled, sensing danger.

Finally, a streak of turquoise and pink shot up out of the water and into the air. It fluttered back down. Now, it was time for the monster to do what it set out to do. A little boy had fallen out of a boat. He was drowning, unable to hold out against the elements much longer. A perfect target.

It opened its mouth wide, to reveal a hundred shining teeth. There were as sharp as knives- when they were used as knives.

Gently, Chunip lifted the screaming child out of the water onto his tongue. It sped to the motor- boat. The people on it stood, petrified. Each was wondering, "Is this really happening?" The mother shrieked.

The sea serpent put the boy down on the deck, as he quivered, sniffling. The monster sighed, and leaped back into the ocean. His eyes, under the water, weren't glowing red, but light pink, arched in a state of eternal confusion, wondering about the human race. Why did they hate him? What did he do wrong? These thoughts and more ran through Chunip's head, as he swam slowly back to the place where he came from.

"Bobby!" The mother ran to her son. "Are you alright?"

* * *
Sixty Five Years Later

He stood on his boat, watching the water. Now he was all alone. All he had was his little sailboat. The water goes on down forever, he thought. Of course he knew it wasn't true, but that's what it looked like. Leaning over, he threw a chicken bone from his lunch into the water, and watched it sink deeper and deeper into the unknown. Suddenly, Bobby fell over.

Somewhere, the serpent heard the splash with his almost invisible ears. Knowing he wouldn't get any thanks for the rescue, he hesitated. In the end, he left, knowing that it was the right thing to do.

The man was struggling, but he was too old to hold on much longer. Chunip carried him out of the water, and turned him over on deck. He stirred, and woke.

They looked into each others eyes, and remembered. Remembered the little boy so long ago.
Salty tears dripped down the dragon's scales, as he prepared to leave.

"Thank you," whispered the old man. "You saved my life again, and I know you can't be evil." Then his tired heart gave up. Chunip considered him for a minute, then lovingly let the corpse drop, deeper and deeper, into the endless ocean. There was good in this world.
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