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The Warrior Queen
She takes her high station,
her throne from which she rules.
Alert to the slightest movement
of wispy wings, the quick retreat
of spindly legs, she brings her
clawed foot down upon them and
slicing like a knife, slaughters the invaders.

It’s her duty and obligation,
this brutal defense of her territory.

The watchful eye at her window,
that keeps the crows in check,
stretching to full length,
her power on display,
a warning to the insolent crows
that their noisy bragging,
does not impress her.

Now that the ritual return of robins
has begun, the duties at her window
and the warmth of the rising sun
exhaust her brief energy,
and sleep befalls her.

Promptly Poetry
Week 39

Include as many of the following words (or variations on these words) as you like:

knife, ritual, throne, befall
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